Listen: "How many people watch the Super Bowl"

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Patrick Smith
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One of the fearsome foursome said that they were going after they were done playing would do things differently of a player it well the bigger vertebrate I don't take this season a figure that but it so elegantly www intense and thanks to the Hall normal that's what I don't the steel curtain fearsome I'm a fearsome foursome still curtain of Pittsburgh are not owner Woody from Pittsburgh only but that's my point there it there are people dead that's when you see a why because serve first person unfortunately aims to test the true polls of the biggest sports fan base can you say whoa why because you you need to I need to flush it in a deflection obscene so in term from a couple callers and comment so they can't read you know I'm email or Twitter there is so again two percent can be interviewed other million fans that's a lot of people right so I mean how many people what's a Super Bowl snub bill Luis thing in he's a leg up you know eighty million some I go about a million people watch it right easily in America so let's just say too but let's go to persona who what's a Super Bowl when you put the two percent okay Mets OF it's pretty big number people so they did it does represent a lot but I think someone doing it you can move past though that's my point when a foe five two one-two four CB us one eight five five two into forward to two seven Donnie and South Carolina here on CB of sports radio well yeah you know we've done a yeah in their it you're here live across North America not only the limit I'm doing good but it's a Grade Saturday night the Kansas listen on our muffins all good which forced one of work own I grew up when of dongle relation month and win all forty one years would not just on the line grew up in La Puente him I'm professional baseball playing for the largest with three years and with Milwaukee twenty year I don't know it almost anybody all he sucks oakland but I do know that you know often room and current to sour in the win those are Garth to leave him there lips all the little Nilsson career points very very young Compton on the list you don't Johnny under the say this thanks for the call.