Listen: "A lot of people are speculating that, is there a possibility that the Titans could still get Laremy Tunsil"

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Jason Miller
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Evaluation what is in terms of the when the the windy end of all teams evaluated the combine it is a lot of the emphasis on them what they seem physically were owner they really put a lot of stock of the hitter view you know the interview process is pretty good show you know they're there is a lot of psychological Pettine man you know like going through put the book contesting football intelligence so much isn't as the finger seeing youth players do on the field what they're doing in the meeting during which team the U.S. just as important alright so the Tennessee Titans have the number one pick they need to protect Marcus Mariota it looks like Larry me Tom so will be the number one pick but a lot of people are speculating that user a possibility that the Titans could still would get Larry total somewhere down the Draft in trade that number one pick do you buy that scenario yeah absolutely Do you need to have a partner in a reason for them to trade up there may be the him and if they do to have the Cleveland Browns and select the quarterback Jared Goff draft so I think it's team that would like to jump off its four on for the quarterback or maybe the field there are often supply mineral I heard defensive end away the future we close so when you look at it seem like the Baltimore Ravens you are not going to be taken in the top ten very often where they're going to get a lot of their own players back next year that time just missed out on the You can due to injuries so when you call Colo. All the returning the starters and have been injured combined with the potential is adding the eighty shift after the first round talent a team like that could be enticed to move off five or six walk to get the topic how also are continue see afford to go down and still managed to get tons hold their pick well I think if if they moved back to the to the number six spot I think it's even if they do risk losing out console but there's of another offered to tackle him this clapped by the name of wobbly Stanley and when you've been outstanding talent and self.