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Study Finds Shift From Pensions To 401K Plans Contributes To Inequality 

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Joe Raedle
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Airport released Thursday from the us government account ability of a shows the shifting away from traditional entrance to four one in like plans injuries to inequality whom Bird reported Friday the us retirement landscape the started to look like a Charles Dickens novel is define contribution plans the report it's have become deemed to not be down a form of retirement plan for us workers the sixty percent of all US households in twenty thirteen had no retirement savings and one further showing this inequality the GAA over reports that while eighty one percent of working high income households and savings and NBC plan only about twenty-five percent of work in low-income also said in the savings won it all also from two thousand seven a twenty thirteen the average balance in such accounts held by while working households didn't significantly change but from black working hustles the average balance and plans dropped significantly thirty one thousand two thousand seven to sixteen thousand four hundred and twenty thirteen and that's the way it is the week of May sixteen Twenty Sixteen I'm Tom arm labored and economic one.