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Hillary Clinton Talks To Reporters Post-Debate: Trump 'Talks Down America Every Chance He Gets'

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Scott Eisen
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Yes going out on true fostering opinions bags i think a lot of teams that sign in that sense it's awesome that he did not as campaign it presents also every chooses the real point is about temperament hence it does situation two of the most important thing this job in the world and i sing the song last night some very exciting differences between us it's an honest i'm not sure lobs for the next to be very concerned i'm michelle out he gets to the side what he's gonna do that i would be there and wash you in saint louis and an asset in last this time percent on stage it sounds talent on the only vs as it stands it sounds as he actually shows three strings last night and that he couldn't going after he has been personal matters as i say you can run is campaign however dejesus i will continue to talk about what i wanted using the american teens outs his says it suns wis eric slinger goals and trying to have those deal with all the challenges he stays i'm excited about where we time this country fox down america every chance he gets we clauses nancy closet country toxin such terms that's not to america has we had the best problem summers in the world are diversity is a strength i am excited about helping to us country together to set some big goals on its restructuring france manufacturing and clean energy to take on climate change which by the way is not a hoax i've made by the chinese and do everything that i've talked.