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College Basketball

Listen: "Indiana over Kentucky, seventy-three, sixty-seven"

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Streeter Lecka
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One of the Stars over the Islanders three nothing in northeastern down to UMass Wallace leaving three to taking their first Hockey East championship since nineteen eighty-eight and see Double a tournaments North Carolina moving on top in Providence College tonight eighty-five sixty-six Kansas ever you've got seventy-three sixty-one the Iowa State Arkansas though Ruff seventy-eight sixty-one The Miami Beach Wichita State sixty-five fifty-seven Indiana over Kentucky seventy-three sixteen seven to cover Yale seventy one sixty-four itself exclusive before the well after last night's one oh five ninety-one loss to Toronto take on Philadelphia get fees tickets on short notice which we all knew last minute pass set up today text back he has to be receiver notification out of occasion rather streaky your phone on game day when passes become available to get on the list of a visit Boston Bruins dot com flash I'm John have let more of the rocked when Fedorov Credit Union intermission report.