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Listen: "Given how badly Donald Trump is going to lose it is quite possible that control of the US Senate could flip"

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Darren McCollester
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Given how bitterly Donald Trump is going to lose it is quite possible that control of the us Senate could flip because it had trumps not going to coattails site is not going to carried anybody along with him like a pretty much guarantee you there so if that is in fact a case not here to be here is the pragmatic side of it at some point in time you might want to say okay if we're going to lose control of the senate and we're going to have a Democrat president maybe we should look at a guy like mere Karl into it is left leaning but moderate and just say we're to take this as opposed to giving Hillary Clinton and control of the democratic Lee control senate the ability to a point and pretty much confirm anyone cause I guarantee you if it's Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and control the seventh whoever the pick yes he's going to be a lot further to the left then Mary correlate is so all I'm saying is I think it's I don't think anybody should be drawing lines in the city still think you have to make any decisions right now it's the hell you do this and I'm not saying that he should necessarily confirm at the same time I do think that carries a a pragmatic element to this yeah the W Bill it's good to be a lot better then the Devils you don't know but you know you're going to get maybe you want to maybe what it takes to not think so I think you need to be open minded about it but here okay that they have a It thirty-six thirty-six people from all these different activists quick liberal activists turning up Pressure I suspect that well I know I know center Johnson's very familiar with pressure I don't think that's exactly what I would call pressure alright there is I concerted effort we've been reporter you know news all day about a number of very very wealthy people political Insider sits second I getting together and launching into it last ditch effort to try to tonight Donald Trump the nomination what this means it involves trying to find particular states where you can you can stop Tropp and Wisconsin's clearly one of those I don't think he's going to do anywhere near as well in Wisconsin as is perhaps done in a number of other states but the idea being to tried to deny trawl the the majority so it doesn't go when to convention with a first ballot majority trump is already saying well if that's the case but my supporters they're gonna be prepared to ride I don't know these calling one violent or anything like that but he's simply saying guy if I I have the best player rally of the delegates people should be supporting me of course that's not the way the rules were the rules say the tell you get the majority tell you get that fifty percent plus one.