Ghosts Or Psychokinesis? A Story Told By Professor Paranormal

Loyd Auerbach is a parapsychologist, ghost hunter, and mentalist, performing under the name Professor Paranormal. He talks about when he experienced psychokinesis.

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"The ashtray popped up into the air in full view of me and the bartender and the production assistant"

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You mentioned psychokinetic, right? - Ya, - and  you said that it has been demonstrated to you and this is an area of intense interest for me to be able to see anything moved with mental power would astound me and I would be immediately be  in practicing trying to do it myself, what is it that you have actually seen with your own eyes? - Well I have seen a number of different things we can start with some of the cases that I have had. - Sure, there have been physical movements of objects where there was no physical, no obvious physical source, so in some a couple of the ghost cases for example there is a restaurant out in the East of San Francisco called the Banta Inn and my first visit there in the 1980's they had supposedly a ghost there who had been moving stuff around for people for some time after he died in the late sixties and even on my first visit the very first thing I saw and we were shooting something for the old TV show Hard Copy there was an ashtray on the bar next to the camera man and the director who had their backs to the bar they were interviewing me and this is in the morning, this was around probably around 11 in the morning and the ashtray popped up into the air in full view of me and the bartender and the production assistant at the other hand of the bar they were at the other hand of the bar it flipped over in mid over and smashed slammed right back down on the bar and it was a glass ashtray and it didn't break the cameraman and the director both heard it everybody else saw it that was a pretty impressive thing and that had to be the first thing that I have seen happen so that is a good example at that place we also had a chandelier just start swinging and stop short when we had a medium with us who was talking to the ghost extensively and he stopped it for her.