Hugh Hewitt On Gay Marriage

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Mike Gallagher
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When we travel converging we all come together, not just, I'm making better, the future is brighter for your team, with every tenth, memory, thank you, time to cheap Laughton Pitching, with all due went three two with dot where he's a great place to start this messages furnish benefiting tweets in preparation his station Virginia Association Of Broadcasters, we had watching did the U.N. humanitarian coordinator says despite a ceasefire in Syria he's holding up on setting him Conn voice with humanitarian aid, U.N. says it has to make sure that cities like a lot, a safe before sending E.N. U.N. staffer left was wear number civilian been caught up in the crossfire the us ascent to nuclear capable supersonic Bombers streaking over our line South Korean it's a show force meant to Cal North Korea after its recent nuclear, test, reports say Samsung plans to issue a software epic points galaxy note seven smartphones was a contain batteries a can over he then catch fire South Korean media reporting that the software update is for any note seven owner Su maybe this regarding the company's Week although this, a works is a bad news software would allow the battery on the device to only recharge up to sixty percent of Wall Street The Dow yesterday picked up two hundred and forty points this is S.R.I. News, here's the news Catcher something in twelve sixty, he turned seventy degrees partly cloudy at seven thirty wind good morning I'm Scott radiate was a close call for a bust load of schoolchildren in Prince George is County Police had a monster wrapped in Flames yesterday afternoon giving the children just seconds to evacuate. Happen on fifty first Avenue in College Park no injuries reported from the fire devices transporting students, from Robert countered alum entry school and Leinart and Woods elementary, a woman from Germantown known as the exercise an Keller is pleaded guilty to killing or two children to key Avery been invited after the murders over eighteen month-old son into your old daughter in January of twenty fourteen another woman money for Sanford and arty pleaded guilty to two counts prosecutors say both women believed evil spirits inhabited that children and that an exercise in what's needed to draw, I've them out every faces multiple life sentences, Steelers beat the Redskins thirty-eight to sixteen last night it was Monday Night Football from Fed Ex field but Nationals beat the Mets eight to one, the Czech on the road, on the outer live with about way Connecticut Avenue still have some action and activity off to the right shoulder watch for delays beginning everyone in College Park ninety-five northbound, jammed up from Dale City head of The for the Prince William Parkway that's where the accident watched the left shoulder to seventy southbound a Quince Orchard wrote, I tell won twenty-four watch for an accident there that's going to jammed up from fatherly Blvd, how do that with about Winger Central Avenue accidents off to the right shoulder watch for slow traffic beginning at root for a Pennsylvania Avenue delays two ninety-five southbound from Eastern Avenue Des Pennsylvania, three ninety-five northbound jammed up from the valet headed toward teams streak this report brought to you by on bound just like kids here children across the world have big dreams for their future. Give one child the opportunity for better tomorrow and found dot org, make your voice heard am twelve sixteen dancer encouraging shooter vote on November eighth if you aren't registered a boatload and twelve sixty the answer dot com key word vote and he can register today, it's local news every thirty minutes all day long I'm Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now, you're exclusive Accu Weather forecast and I am twelve sixteen, the answer may going to be partly sunny bore Matt Moore humid yesterday the high temperature eighty-eight, cleared light, warm low seventy one, our partly sunny a hot high near the rugged of ninety-four set in nineteen eighty-one, looking at to Thursday and not a spot plenty of sunshine high temperature eighty-two there's a slight chance for Thunder strong tomorrow night, with dry for the forecast I'm meteorologist holiday Browns it sure what on am twelve six T.D. answer, , , , what a better way, when you're on May, basket of the Warman's Torre with John void, Predator, Mike Gallagher and maybe that Sheriff David Clark with this last night and, I'll tell you were had so much fun out here on the campaign trail and we're in it, Carolina today New York Virginia tomorrow we go on to Philadelphia Ohio the following day all of our events are available that decision Twenty Sixteen to work dot come Ivory named at the basket of the portable store but the website remains decision Twenty Sixteen toward dot com. There is a change of sadness that one we talk about, among ourselves and what people that we've talked with the various receptions the passing of the late end great Village shot forty who died on September the fifth Donald Trump spoken to funeral last week, she was an amazing woman then the top ten in Nieder few times over the course of a long storied career that dates back to nineteen sixty-four convention, many believe she stop The Core rights moment from being added to the Cubs to sharp lob that it what it does figured The Constitution, and the last thing fill a chef leader, the very last night, was write a book, the conservative case for Trump along with Ed Martin and Brett Decker the conservative case for Trump, in Bookstore knocked him out the day after Pub day, meaning that had been finished it was an Bookstore there is ready to be put on the shelf, it was the day before she got I'm joined by Margie roster publisher, of regularly and that margin in my publisher in the passion my colleague at the Salem media company, Margie could morning got this is a stab but nevertheless wonderful story at the same time, you're absolutely right and the morning thank community his thinking margin, well why, what do you plenty putting the significance of the day before shot, he should guide the day before the puck day it is no her last linger there but spent so classic it's it's hinted so it's because he was a warrior from a whole life as he fed starting in nineteen fifty-four at the other can contention in that time nominated very cold water. And she was fighting, Wright of kidney and and, menu lately very interesting it with a very similar fight, you want to worried about you know, that meant not listening to Conservative not listening to American and , when you know when they were trying case stonewall, I'm very cold water and she's worried about the very thing Franklin's Donald Trump and his fifth off because she for a whole life right at the end, really with fighting for the future of America and it's gone then adieu the conservative case for Trout end and the fact that comes up the day after she bet I would like to give you a man you've got Margie, you take on ice until I go and then July Bahamas not really good for a very long time, I know a lot of that this is the end but after I got a letter award to meet my maker in Salem geez I want you to put this book out there Margie I just this story the antsy to a suspended all championship events in North Carolina because of the bathroom Bo Yeah it out rages me, because they are rain in the state Boley P.C. nameless faces bureaucracy of the start the fellow shaft we want to get that I think is probably the power behind Donald Trump, people are that up with this stuff, people are very fed up until it was always good at really understanding what was a driving the sort of you know emotion all the work of the country to lend no she had her finger on the puck. All the time she knew that people to think he fed were bad off the clicking, got good lift career politicians, we're feeling, convince, that they weren't being with him to warrant being represented weren't even being counted, Heard, planned most of the people will make it a lot about the country and not to mention the court well even if country and no one really with caring about the Constitutional for people moment because they tell, up with her fight, only the fight and not twice he believed and Donald Trump a question if excited about hit Cannon defeat and that quite she wanted to claim to people, but he you really like a lot more conservative than a lot of people thank and is like he named if the content of case for Trout, as a concerted case for Trout doesn't look stars Everett's available at Barnes a noble dot com of course the conservative case for troubling got a regular eight dot com R.H.P. any our why, Margie rush on this Tour with Dennison and Mike we've been talking about two things a lot why you bench Elk will support, all Trump win, you know easy, approach to tear Ian, and not an even gel a call but gets event joeckel support and a lot of messed tending Catholic and at the same time The never Trump, Movement, I had been using in that I've been using analogy for a long time, that their two tours in for the American electorate one is mark. Tighter when it Marte maybe not a mandating tighter and and such not really never then Dennis progress deals at me dresses up the adds a beautiful woman other stuff but that is is that the conservative case for Trump on the final Nelson's and why aren't are whiny cheap think you, right, well into Dupuis question and in fact she went beyond that she said it, and more Edmund yeah, I'm better than Hillary or anyone better than Hillary, he said, I don't want conservative to feel that they have to hold never know, and both are now Mccown because actually, you can be happy thoughts are gonna come you can be proud to vote for Donald Trump is in the books we go through an, really specific, items on the agenda, that , and and prevent his position in his case from what he did for him what he would Fight For for the American people and that included, him being a family man and you know it hindered I thought literally watch The two, conventionally that but it here that know you where they are new Dayton and most of the country did what played a contract, he what the family man all of his adult kid with a here date were very in practice, and even more importantly they were very devoted to hammer Baylor very very back full of him, they all love Simmons, fired him and wanted to help him and that's something that I think America. Really resonates play as and that's not at all what you think when you look at the Clinton family, again the conservative case for Trout there's an Bookstore the how is it Selling Margie can given that fellas diet and and there's a lot of ability around, people regret you know they're buying to the last testament to what what what is unlike, I think some people are dying it that way I've seen a lot of comments on social media including three from Donald Trump and South but a lot of people who were her fan and who have heard of her but maybe hadn't met on her book on or very interested in much a high pick and did wanna spy it, some of it tribute but it away to understand her and just sort of, and with her and her, of lifelong fight, four, for conservative and for third average American as opposed to that career publication even fab Russian, so I'm filling entity acquired from the bucket throwing very well it was out of the second day out it was number one on movers and shakers and Amazon and , we have to go back for a second print Kings the second day at the book without that's all, that's all as good as that's a good thing, the conservative case for Trout Margie Ross ninety I've won one quick non fellas, question not related to the Catcher with a case for Trout, I I would cut you have to move from California Virginia to open are second house back here so I can do morning driving and came across what we've used with our are young nephews nieces children a come the house to entertain them the peanuts Bucks that Margie Ross and right where he brought out and we talked about a couple years ago when you. Agreement are more of those on the weather just such a wonderful, I was thinking that some nights view dimension on their alum Derek terrific project that we're doing in collaboration with you not family, and we thought Alec off three Brand New books this summer, I'm just in time for the Fourth of July, and they are talking about, American history, they talk about the revolutionary time, one of them the call, I'd get clay Eric Charlie Brown, one of them is going all the way to word Ho eternally Brown and their about three important period in an in American early American history and there are a lot of fun day featured you know nuclear Linus, this is the greatest strengths, as I'm so proud that my company is as affiliated with that has reached an agreement with Trout shelters family and that they're putting out these but they just, they resonate for decades backwards and forward with an opportunity when he was true conservative himself so he upside, had to do that, Margie Ross of regularly thank you regulate dot com go get the peanuts books than the conservative case for Trump and all the other great offerings from regularly, I don't go anywhere America one eight hundred five two oh one two three four Robert in doubt, , yes I wanted to make appointed I don't know you're a member of the line that Reagan, in the sense that he was not going to use season on its youth and inexperience against them. Yes I goes in the second debate with Monday all and I will earn David director that, republican to overplay the medical issue as opposed to the lying issue are asking to get hit in the head those were out there dealing and conspiracy theories are stroke and par also not so it is knots, I think you should, drop shoot, ticket twist on that line and basically whenever Murray is a space you know how I got a lot, and try to put him enough in the spot, he's calm backline Shipley, I promised that I will consider miles Aldridge sickness enthralled, one, you know I disagree, I disagree completely choose not you just don't do that with, American just sympathetic to people Oriole with pneumonia, and if she comes back and she stronger and more vigorous than him, all in all knocked down a, focus on what is matter here she lied about it, she lied about it she didn't disclose it secrecy it's the serve return whole life it's a matter for four entire life shocking Lloyd our check, I was listened, that's brighter yesterday yet it that's too bad and and even at him and a very interesting observations, if you're even have a cold I mean if you have an episode nipple, your eyes are poppy that read If you just don't look good, and this, yeah yeah absolutely have known them on that is not pneumonia, and again made no one can make, there's a doctor has made the diagnosis and is pneumonia I don't know what it but we got a stop doing this. They are taught that this crazy, I know it's a crazy to distinguish neurologist to give the concussion work, came out last night and came out with some low outlandish diagnosis and that for the same reason I managed P.N.C. to waited a same reason, over reach extreme is them, I'm started B., can America just be rational work a lot about how that's a very bad thing it it telegraphs exactly how should be President secretive line just like there's server two sets are roles for everyone they broke the secret service roles endangered careers of Sheahan had something seriously Ryan it guy, all those agents would've been Barb it's always about Hillary talk about the clinched that's the bit made a message and she to a overreach, punishing every, every person North Carolina because of the laws, that are one state legislature is attempt a deal with the complex problem, and the ball is at the into two way who've been elected by no honor known by Nolan you know you a pass in the end shopping mall you'd never know them the Peyton not register money amount of money from your two wish unpaid outrageously expensive steak schools in college of it is all out of control left and right with everyone just shot up, said, and think about, acting would basic human decent C., and the piece in regard for the opinions of man cutting, Jefferson put it in the Declaration of Independence, he decent regard for the opinions of men cut and then make your arguments. I argued for relief factor dot com every day at this time because I used it every day as says the fetching this issue would have to many of you back ahead I think Babs him up three last night with a relief acted dot com at the , at the reception in Kepler bank before are, basket of the plural Stuart and she hadn't whether life that you know people think they're just done a win that pull out the relief active package nothing to take it in every morning I know that, I really think that's great words agree to go back and thousand to view of founded thousands of your using it thousands of your finding relate to natures pharmacy methane final Georgia put down the Lady put down the Abby profit and you say I'm not gonna do that every day and let it take relief acted dot com and trust in natures pharmacy, it up by doctors in Seattle, clinically tested clinically proven to reduce information what you wonder to watch the testimonials of relief back-to-back comment plunk down nineteen ninety-five and give it a try, it works for you all you'll be thanking me like people last night relief acted outcome coming right but Senator Tom Condon judgment act on the New York show, this is the Hewitt, the No, on the road to seventy southbound righty Quince Orchard rode it to one one twenty-four accidents up to the right shoulder their watch for delay screening him to work road slurs to seventy southbound up pretty much often on for A.B..