Listen: "Michigan State against thirteenth ranked Purdue in the Big ten"

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Julian Finney
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Two Michigan State against thirteenth ranked Purdue in the Big ten an Kentucky against Texas a M in the FCC another night another win for the Golden State Warriors but Phoenix kept it close in the fourth started challenging shots better and forcing some misses and a lot of seeking out runs coach Steve Kerr after Stepan Curry scored fifteen of his thirty-five in the fourth The Warriors beat the Suns one twenty-three won sixteen to get to fifty-nine in six San Antonio got past Oklahoma City ninety-three to eighty-five Toronto defeated Miami one twelve to one oh four Indiana stop Dallas one twelve to One Oh Five Charlotte overused won twenty-five one oh nine troit was a one twenty-five to one eleven winner over Philadelphia Milwaukee drop New Orleans one oh three to ninety-two Atlanta stop Memphis ninety-five eighty-three Denver outscored Washington won sixteen to one hundred it was Portland won twenty-one Orlando eighty-four Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver much Marc Davis Jackson may miss all of next season after reports he failed another NFL drug test his agent says he's dealing with depression and we're going to rehab this weekend I run flattered the NFL free agency signing period is gear and we've got the whole league coverage on CBS Sports Radio.