Listen: "He only wanted to hug Carmelo Anthony"

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Nobody wants a hug Melo but yet this little boy didn't care about any of the other really tall men on the court he only wanted to hunt Carmelo Anthony well it helps you if anybody anybody around here in your wants to hug somebody that does come here in the newsroom a hug you I am a big hunger but I don't know that I would be brave enough to run out well I don't need any NBA players but I wouldn't of rundown of The Core in the middle of the game and I'm covering for instance going the final four next week and whatnot being out on the court and one do not going to go to work absolutely not knocking on the gym behind I don't need to be hugging when I'm in a place that is nobody else the media section No I didn't really well on a run into a lot hall jury Parm ago a lot of people but I haven't Fino wound God for instance I worked in Oklahoma hit well in Oklahoma City the last time the OU is in the final four and I know a lot of the people that work in the OU athletic departments all be hugging a lot yeah I let that on a middle of the court now for this little boy the line for Melo you could see that many on her Facebook page plus Peter Schwartz twice tried squawk I'm only for the first Friday of a light at my request so new videos on our base but paid its after hours with a new Lawrence here's the latest fourth update and here is P.