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Listen: "NFL having its media days in conjunction with a Super Bowl 50"

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Ezra Shaw
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UCLA UNC renew their rivalry Thursday and the Gayle and center UNC winning be first matchup between the two back Only billion NFL having its media days in conjunction with a Super Bowl 50 Peyton Manning talking about two weeks of the facts Denver team to with between game tells everybody this is for the season we have some guys who 've fancy got injured against the Patriots Isner held those guys certainly take advantage of the time the Tribe feel even better so I think Brady player but especially a player probably thirty years old we call for the week of Super Bowl III because it's so we get a healthy Football League sending of other with 32 team saying the Las Vegas could be a real possibility if relocation poorly Oakland Raiders as they expressed a desire NHL schedule resumes on Tuesday thank the Kings that Arizona docs hosting the San Jose that's not President's Day weekend get you're car running.