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'The Letters' Director William Riead On How Mother Teresa Started Her Journey

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Daniel Berehulak
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Mother Teresa had a very different start would be order of non that she started with how she had get permission basically you go out among the people she had honored her regional vow he never would have been the Mother Teresa that we know right she she was a cluster done she was in the radical inventions a teacher that they Loretta Khan been school and a cluster done means they can't do outside their walls absolutely an arms race Catholic also down that same situation so but what I was when I was researching her she would teach on the second floor of her school she would look outside the window and she would see outside the walls the poor in the starting, and so she asked for what is called X lost deration which is , applying to the Vatican to be released premiere bow so the she could go into bloated yield which is the poorest in the porcelain of tell Cotta end , an an and give assistance to be poor and the starting unfortunate and beat feet which he wrote a letter she waited two years for the be the Vatican the get back to air and find when they did get back