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College Basketball

Listen: "Joining us right now and to talk some college hoops is Pete Gillen"

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And joining as right now the talks in college to Jays beat Guillen now would CBS Sports networks college basketball analysis group I just made that up the words in the wrong spot and a stark down a good alright <silence> but didn't pleased Good Morning guys are going to be with yeah I feel but I still love fantasy I said I feel more sophisticated there you go go back to the negotiating table get some more Cowens right that Ryan said alright so are you enjoy being this regular season of college bats ball all the number one's going down in no certainty at the top and no great team that stands out is is something that you've enjoyed I have I know you medium all goes I remember I you like that one topped the maybe with the Kentucky up Kansas North Carolina I like the the balance is different we haven't had this in a long time so there's no great team is you know this up a bunch of very good teams and usually seven or eight teams that I feel can win a national title when six games in a row but I think they might be more like sixteen of seventeen have a chance to ship is such prior to the who will be your top teams though who would be if this was in the whole year would be your top sixteen well you know you're here in the same group you know Kansas is always got a great team Kentucky of course you know the low in Carolina uses up their due to Z up yet i'm writing right now grind I think Kansas is the best Neagle in all this number one but I think Kansas right now with the inside strength in the perimeter played I think chances to find I was little better than the little Big twelve the best conference in the nation no question the allotted that tremendous teams and you know you ten teams in the league that probably about you know I got a chance to get seven Maybe eight in the N.C. A tournaments I think top to bottom that's the best league in the team I go West Virginia you're a team that didn't really you know make a deep run the tournaments physical you know pressure to may have Tia you know so this is a lot it's in my things the very size as some deals that is not as much of a buzz but I think the you know the on known as certainly I think that makes it even more shoddy my thoughts coach what about Miami wants to my win last night the knocked off Virginia but they got to lack by a lot over the weekend and his new team that made a lot of those a few years back I merely jumped up on the scene had a stellar year now they're back there again discuss what the what they've been doing down there in South Beach their trip became Brian I had him last year you know this season rather against LaSalle on the Lester and they were the most impressive thing that I did in person you know I do in the game for CBS Sports Network Jeff it McLellan's a terrific player you know to win six six in the get size to get that Rodriguez a point guard Jimmer on their later that he's a great coach at the final score George Mason so and they got a chance once again to do will good things in the answer determine are a team that could wondered believe in and not one of the favorites but Good they got athleticism the guy that eventually culture he had to get a good point guard had a chance in Rodriguez is a fifth-year senior transferred from Kansas State is an excellent point guard Jones appeared gallon on CBS Sports Radio.