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Listen: "The federal government has invited the leaders of five hundred and sixty seven tribe's"

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Paul Kane
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The government says leaders of native american tribe's will be consulted over infrastructure issue says abc's mona rivera the federal government wants to avoid violent clashes over infrastructure projects like the pipeline being dealt in north dakota which native americans have been demonstrating again you know i top dogs and we think policeman that protestor another say they were never consulted about the pipeline and now to make sure that made him americans do give input the federal government has invited the leaders of five hundred and sixty seven tribe's tim meetings about infrastructure projects the meetings will begin next month andy held in six regions of the country manera vera abc news american adventure blame gibson says he will continue in his search of diverted from malaysia flight three seventy it was his time rivers at the forum desk with more it's a big stretch of water out there a big stretch of coast lott but gibson believes the fragments eastbound so far came from ill fated play search until resigning business can on monday winds oh wait to the families in one to get an answer what hand three the ball when triples seven banished to what i have years ago does the barons as bond numerous theories but the definitive truth remains to be determined tom rivers abc news of the horrendous this is abc news more americans.