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Listen: Goes right on the Broncos attack on the two point

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Brian Bahr
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Goes right on the Broncos attack on the two point conversion the Steelers 20 forever 60 yards C.J. Anderson with the go-ahead touchdown with three minutes the golf and Peyton Manning injured mirrors his there'd be fair career game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime sets a month for another meeting with Tom Brady and the Patriots championship back Sunday in Denver It'll be the seventeenth all-time meeting between Brady and Manning in the NFC The Panthers per about or thirty one nothing will hold onto the Seahawks 31 of their twenty-four care movement through four hundred and sixty one yards and a touchdown said despite the second half All that matters is the final score will play for for you gas don't take it a fair so but yeah you know are are main objective is to believe in each other the man in this in this so and found ways to win football games no matter where you think how you win some away and now the Panthers will host the Cardinals back so maybe NFC Championship Game Natalie NBA in May he felt triple double trouble Osuna Brett angle left that by West for parts of three.