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Listen: "Owen Daniels an eighteen yard catch and run tackle by Harper"

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Al Bello
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That comes less says the pros or get something of your mind to beat Cam could be Payton legacy whatever we will answered as we always do before got here Newday Sturm you've been delaying some much-needed court maintenance delayed no logo spend a little lore of of your tax refund on your vehicle now and say but expensive repairs down the road or on the auto parts is exactly what you need and guarantee low Price's a rather reports but reports better prices every single day and because nobody Pats himself on the back more effectively than I do so did say to take the points it the points your welcome you ready for Little five starts the issue time to book alleviated has gone on it's time for five hundred about that action <silence> <silence> I would go on to share of with an early message for the nation Will Call does overall for fraught with the first of those thoughts that go that spike was to the ball at the top of the ball the ball aside Owen Daniels an eighteen yard catch and run take over for first in ten Denver at their own thirty eight pretty much of the extent of the Peyton Manning highlights for the most part of some of the two-point conversion that's how that Ellis Devan Orland as the enthusiasm which he always does visit they would miss that called it might not about number it was only one of thirteen completions for Peyton Manning on the day the source of the Bulls of his catches was Emmanuel Sanders as he received a sixty three yard obviously no touchdowns but I think they tried to set a message that we were going to fill the ball Peyton Manning the first four plays we're actually pass plays afford silly they were very effective after that point eleven first downs on the day then sit well left in the first down then they won in that was one of them first play from scrimmage Super Bowl fifty with will bond of course Von Miller is of these Denver Daisy cranking up some of the third the some pressure fall for rush departure first got a touchdown <silence> we got our whipped one a big play sends the Broncos on the boards and of course that the Dave Logan doing his thing all the Broncos Radio Network yeah that was Von Miller of Super Bowl fifty going up against might dreamers struggle all they can set festive rush of the of the Denver Broncos in Carolina I mean that they should've adjusts implicit hopeful that maybe a little chip maybe just some influence they tried that Von Miller was is the B's all day long didn't matter who was blocked we move on your team second quarter Denver up by six thirteen seven as we fans Jorge the carrot the gets a ticket to the infraction a bad pass why arms outstretched gets the battles and sacks in football october twenty sixth after the play football <silence> has grown men on the subject of say Kevin Harlan his body it's I think he's singing as any stability is just so with may well done there a little bit of a wildly call in the league has a should say in about Cody early Jacob active you want to go down as our guy go needed a handlers so many times and he was one of the few maybe only bright spot for the Carolina Panthers on defense are really throughout the game because the had three sacks on the day one forced fumble that intercepted it is a Super Bowl record noticeable record really isn't an exclusive club is the only player and fell history with two sacks interception in the Super Bowl and he bested that it's without him I mean it about all the way to look at the film four on the on Tuesday if you go to watch it totally out el de hopefully he continues to que volv we get better as a player because we like I'm a lot we do it again that goal Kevin Harlan West with one really I think Coney at a chance wins In down gets more meaningful reps than they got a little better young man Adam the zoo is a big-time player a little bit more Cody the what I've done I think.