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Listen: House Speaker Paul Ryan: "He's the nominee, I'll do whatever he wants"

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Allison Shelley
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Far more than its fair share and the DR J wanted us The Core to issue a preliminary in injunction to prevent further violations of federal law which would blocked North Carolina from an forcing the law House Speaker Paul Ryan says he'll back out of sharing the Republican national convention in July if you Donald Trump asked him to Miami the comment to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a do whatever he's an Omni I'll do whatever he wants Ryan and champs are set to meet Thursday in Washington After Ryan told CNN last week that he was just not ready to throw support behind Shop and get ready for a pink coin the Charger department will create fifty thousand a pink Gold five dollar claims to promote breast cancer awareness and raise money for research while the Queens will have a five dollar face value the cost much more with at least thirty-five dollars going to research the coins will be out in two thousand and eighteen five dollar coin yes while just a temporary thing that's going to confuse people it well that's really through it all could do good could cause Elise yes thinking Jen Twenty-one.