Hugh Hewitt On Police Violence

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And the story by am, Alexander Burns, the attack cumpli some shouldn't Baton Rouge Louisiana State Graham mood over the opening Republican national committee here as Donald Trump, responded to the killings of the stark mourning the country was falling apart, a string of shootings targeting police officers as well as the recent killings of two Blackmon by officers in Minnesota Louisiana hello to push gun violence and social on the rest of the center the Presidential Campaign, Mr Trump is campaign in the theme of long order since his session nation this month the five police touches and Dallas reflect good effort by the message in coming to us, within hours of the killings on Sunday which three law enforcement option for Fatally shot several others wounded, jumped occurred nation become a divided crime said, good luck, and the Islamic State was watching is Americans murdered police officers, after President Obama, Ish to call for calm, draft on Twitter that Mister Obama doesn't have a clue, he's right about that, I don't think President Obama actually has ever really thought about the consequences his rhetoric on these issues, from the original Cambridge incident, on the impacted has on officers, nine hundred thousand pit local police out there on the night states, the productive republican presidential army of long battle criticism of his volcanic temper, an questions about his temperament and reading this for the presidency, and it was not clear if a thunderous response the shooting Louisiana would help away voters concerts a dozen media concerns by the way. I don't think voters mind that Donald Trump has a temper, I really don't I think the media mind it because one of the things that we pal you in the media let me just tell you about media values and real world by years, media values are never lose control, because when you lose the story, so that you always that the most important times immediate but on the era Nine Eleven for an hour, that day, during any shooting during the war, during a major bet even on the afternoon with the morning after an assassination three option, you stay in the moment you stay reporting you do not lose your temper ever, you knew you don't, stalk out the set you do not through your arm you don't erupt guess that's the media professionalism that's what it means to be a professional broadcast journalist, that's not what we won presents we were president that will show anger, and we that's so the volcanic temper, is a, subjective assessment of Trump but it's also the idea that voters have concerns about it, and a necessarily so chilling can turn the media, the time continues while Republicans often run online North team can in delicate approach could carry considerable danger the moment such unusual political Billy what's that based on how good reporter but what's that they stuff that's faced the New York Times values, New York, and now he's a to take Cruz on a set yet New York Times right. But he didn't to New York values and I know a lot of New Yorkers restore about that but don't jump, Workman were pretty good on that Law And Order teams, and in delicate approach, there is nothing delicate about the assassination of eight police officers, so if you talk about it you're not being in delegate you're being truthful, , and Clayborn the killings of the play subsided Pence atmosphere for the convention, actually not your leader, I'm on Radio row it's not attention to atmosphere to kind of relaxed atmosphere it's the same atmosphere American mention I walked over the hotel, quarter five this many radio route, and you fold morning rain on some people warrior late, doing got took the lead late and, Mike Allen got so he was late that I I was urine touch like that I'm not wet, everyone's amiable, not talking during the break to obstacle rooms, Drummond, Buckeyes Melky and great young guy and I'll be gym every day to got the morning shift outside radio route, and I'm not going to police all over the city and stay that way patrol over this city, federal agents not so much that tended to build the quieter but it's not tenth they're very where they were watchful had not seen ice I one guy with this time, well government-backed jumps night one guy and I saw a couple of Bill boards, billboard Donald Trump and Ted Cruz kissing in Cleveland, that isn't a time for fall marriage right took as such provide could've. Not that, just you know crazy provide, stuff, this is got everybody and should Tony Perkins a former split legislator from battle originally the chairman research, the nation's and shot for an isolated incident probably not so much but this is second two weeks that's true, but it's national, concern, as an image N.B.C. studios when the Baton Rouge news broken initially what's on people know the implication to this, when you feel, drifting towards the edge of the best you say this is just got a backup, and that's security in Cleveland good throughout the day on Sunday is an official with a plea shooting this city urge coverage on occasion Republican to an actor instructions on gun rights, around the convention zone as an additional safety per caution, but you can six office rejected the ideas little impossible, why not you don't think about this When anyone think for a moment we like you to suspend newspaper right, we'd like you to disperse the protesters, because that's the same thing it's suspending The Second Amendment, you just don't suspend the men, yup suspend right, you deal with the fact that two insane killers, I Saturday police, years in Dallas Louisiana and you don't a bridge rights constitutional right in Ohio, you deal with it, Richard Miller Junior the chairman Louisiana Republican Party said worded attacking Baton Rouge early Sunday it's in a shot or threw State television corset one, many members of Louis G.M. Doug a check close. The law enforcement, I thought they would put together Memorial event for a moment Pero This Week, they do that tonight, so it's a Boyle the law enforcement prevented the convention that's earned an on Sunday in clearance for Street District, restaurant, she down the sidewalk repeatedly broken to applause for the Phillips is a police options down the foot, Q. done foot and bicycle like a test that I thought that yesterday, for some ushers in them, , the Pub, Landry's pa, Jeff worsen the commissioner chief executive shouldn't news conference, the leading speaker would be really Julianna for me described with a lot ordered later to New York, Joe Nathan a forceful critic of Black Lives Matter movement and outspoken is defensive one-fourth of practice over the past few weeks, Mr Trump is not slated until speak later in the week but on Sunday in break even might be more tightly attire message about social Disorder, after spending the first, part of the day lobbing insult the political rivals through social media makeup abruptly shifted is posture after the attack, customary complaint about telling, coverage and construct Avila Quinn Elizabeth Warren, an afternoon message posted to Facebook missed jump expressed grief over the loss of White, without elaborating said The Browns stemmed from a national leadership back in, but I mean law enforcement people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country said We demand a lot order that messages very clear, you think President Obama is a Week soft direction was leader. Who plays to his agreed constituents sees a two win or community organizer date is not writing about it, the talked the nation as a whole and pointing out that black and blue Lives Matter, and they're a La African American plays out there they're a lot to Latino police up you gout there though on angle police up there, and Jim all over Cleveland very very very, diverse police force here, black and Blue wise matter, brown blue lies Matter white blue lies Matter, the first protests on Sunday were relatively subdued, and one part of hundred protesters down, from groups that included Black Lives Matter code pick at a propels to New York, under people, good people, so that's Sunday before The get mention, hundred people, so now I I'll take your call one eight hundred five duo one two three four, what do you want to hear from this convention when you wanna hear them saying, about, the attacking his ass session three Baton Rouge police officers last night, when you want him send about the Dallas attack is we want him to say about nice, about bent with dash about turkey, about a world and which American leadership went backwards and, the center didn't hold because we are the center, you know I think is the center, or the center the west and when you walk away, when you do not, exert leadership, this is what happens, both within the United States an outside of the world. the spiral continued, and we see nothing like this and also duro Stevens executive director the major C. chief Association, the average obdurate America who tense anywhere their tension vigilance a corner Creek even more, police have always been vulnerable and they know it, something inside you you know pick your what happened but nighter saying it, attack and Baton Rouge resonating Cleveland were delegates for gathering for this week's Republican national convention, it's it's inevitable, but what if that one eight hundred five two one two three four and how should the Republicans be responding tonight what should they say about which should Donald Trump messaging fate, and, whether it's David Brown the Dallas chief whether it's the Milwaukee Scherff who is everywhere engaging in question back in saying let's focus on the fact major public servants safety out here people protective, being targeted kilt, what do you think of to be the message we'll talk more about it with you one eight hundred five to a one two three former come back to the Hoosiers, you'll still College's Allen people, junior, who will constitutional studies and citizenship conducive Constitution which most, Washington, learn more at Hillsdale that we've used slash Kirk, twelve sixty, somewhere in the world, this is happening, you'll hear it here first, but only if you're here, when he was Hewitt continues, , my era to hear what we're looking for care for a loved one in order main independent and living at home visiting Angels is ready discern. 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One eight hundred three to six two eight oh, in a Springer addresses the Black Lives Matter group so his announcer flow more blocked listeners ninety-nine percent of whites in America what you do well, and of issues, there's for your the No, the left Lloyd about America so much and feature cups you racist that he's a kid is the latest hysteria the left is more only bankrupt since its inception the than us, weekdays had knew right before Sean heady at three a.m. twelve sixty, the answer, not just on the road, two ninety-five southbound from Eastern avenue to just nastiest capitals three jammed up there on the freeway northbound yourself capital Street actions walk in the left lane jammed up from eleven streak rates disabled vehicle three ninety-five northbound agreed road left lanes block they're also sixty-six eastbound a twenty-nine centered on the left wing slot with an accident watch for delays beginning at about the car rest area jammed up, deliver the valley from Springfield interchange to Gallo's road sixty-six eastbound before twenty-nine center the left wing slot care also Baltimore Washington Parkway marathon between one ninety-three route won ninety-eight, heavy via nearly earlier accidents gone now, Accu Weather forecast partly sunny hiding him a today high ninety-six heavy thunderstorms early this evening then partly cloudy overnight low seventy-six meant partly sunny maybe an isolated thunderstorms marketing up to ninety-two right now partly sunny and seventy-nine in Washington this report brought to you by mattress warehouse they wanna know what your bed match mattresses starting in ninety-nine dollars mattress warehouse using science not pressure. Yes, to the gate those don't country off the eighth, of the world, and that's the standard the rest of the world, yeah, if you go but he knew or not, I am an opportunity to to talk with David actual right yesterday, and that I did his Podcast with me called the act spouses now posted over it, just tweeted out and he wrote, in Iowa to his candidate and Senator Obama in two thousand eight retook the selection of Boucher shifted Russia and the candidate who fleece like George W. Bush will win, and we talked about that yes because the Ken they at least like President Barack Obama is Donald Trump if you want to change the Obama direction your vote for Trout you want to continue the Obama direction to get there, you have to get the same kind of results, you vote for Hillary, , , I had my friend yet there, yeah it is consider the, you know what I used so many suppressing issues you know for their country, he made, notes, our trade, National fall to the all the work, but one thing had hinted that when he could be at the forefront, but that was seen, the rule, Wallach is as good as the gold standard, as the matter what cause it if country good at, whatever, all had failed, we Clinton can not all for that, he actually, as a first track record of old actually as a daunting the wall. A great and what thank you let me go to Carl Spokane Washington hate Karl up early on the West Coast good, area my friend, I didn't really pedigree his you know you know give him credit, lockdown kind of what the big, and you know what you want them, , you don't don't go and I don't need him to do is give about now my point, but I don't I don't have it going at of the day you know like God words, you know you know, we're digging attention on it and everyone is country, you don't have to agree here, the God inhabiting got Porter, but I think you know a guy like that, not a Member, good downfall the country, and to get it not a very good did that, a big goal and we're going to do, but color on color, that's good I get the call I wanna help people by the political caucus story, according to the political caucus apparel back to the strategist in opportunism eleven keep battleground states, newly to third the Republican Insider sixty-five percent sit there less excited about this year's Convention which a number of top Republicans are avoiding previous additions, republican setters or far less excited about their prized condition in their Democratic Party counterparts, only a quarter of Democrats that they are less excited, that's because most Republicans don't think they're going to win, , they they really don't know they don't victory, if blown out and they think there is a chance. A Black Swan event that's what I called the Trump candidacy yesterday and make the presence of blacks one event, never before seen chaos causing unanticipated I'm manageable we really don't know what's going to happen, but Black Swan can wipe out a Fred for the wash and post Red Ryder old buddy, the That's what happened the radio right to see people honored by but I I I do believe that, the enthusiasm level at the Democratic commission comes with a power over it as well because they don't want Hillary Clinton, he's got hurt, good like Journal line and wiping out the people that are on our list, so the Democrats there you know clearly Capitals met their desperately trying to be nights, doing everything he can to be night because you don't Hillary Clinton hit left and there are a lot of people run Hillary Clinton hitless from two thousand eight and so they're they're all put not a happy face in trying to be in a good graces but there is an every bit the sense of minutes that the Democratic convection and there is a sense of your with the Republican could match, or Southern a fun time in Cleveland but there they tens of Doom, that this ticket can not win but I don't believe that Nova's early, on the Ratchet was not supposed to be able to win at which was the number seven points, he won by four, the the British election to the year ago the is really elections of a year ago the Republican election to twenty fourteen. People don't know what's going to happen and Donald Trump tapping into prime, absolutely primal, a shift in the political makeup of the United States, one eight hundred five two one two three four, Philadelphia Karl will be right back on the year which are given to them, portions of huge show sponsored by Hillary's America This is the most important movie you will see before you vote November go to Hillary's America to movie, com, Washington, it's just weird, you're in the middle of an honest action, information, the two Hewitt, is coming right back, this is the special alert to consumers who owned back taxes to the I.R.S. due to the financial hardship consumers are facing during the decline in the us economy the Internal Revenue Service is now accepting reduced settlements from consumers on back taxes resulting in back taxes reduced by thousands of dollars an open phone line has, has been established by federal tax relief for consumers to call and see if you qualify for this reduction to ensure your financial stability during this decline in the economy take down this number or stored in your cell phone but call one eight hundred two three seven two one nine nine that's one eight hundred two three seven two one nine nine if you owe back taxes to the I.R.S. there is no need to fear anymore, more the I.R.S. is now accepting reduced settlements from consumers resulting in text debts reduced by thousands of dollars for your free information and to see if you qualify for your reduction call the federal tax relief hotline one eight hundred two three seven two one nine nine one eight hundred two three seven two one nine nine that's one eight hundred two three seven two one. 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Turkeys response to a filled could who was sending shutters through the European union and the United States, turkey is being awarded must up all democracy at Human Rights as a pursues the military officers and anybody else involved in the plot, in France officials say they can confirm a statement by the uncle of a truck driver who killed eighty-four people in the said his nephew had contact with an Al Jury in member of the Islamic State terrorist group who indoctrinated him it in recent weeks morning tells at estar newest dot com, here's the new stature something in twelve sixty, he had sunny eighty degrees at eight thirty one good morning I'm Scott Brady D.C. policing three people are shot on Interstate two ninety-five, happen yesterday morning your exit one eight police say that victims were riding a fan when shots were fired at them from another vehicle anyone with the information about the incident has asked to call D.C. police Tysons Corner Center Mall is open again after three alarm fire shut it down Fairfax County fired Italian cheap Willie Bailey, says they had to wait for the smoked a cleared for the could figure out what started the plays, it is they're gonna going, aside a determined all that Housley one having Mallett happen with Hill, official saves, starting Friday nine the kitchen of restaurant seasons fifty-two within spread other areas of the building I'm all open to the public Saturday no injuries reported police say they were investigating reports of a legal dumping when they found a body the Discovery was made Friday in the four under block of Burbank Street in southeast the bodies Medina finds twenty-nine year old Jeremy Steven made of Southeast the medical. It's our says he died from blood forced try my which is now being listed as a homicide, in the homicide investigators are now, looking into it .some D.C. Mary aerial bouncers attending the Republican national convention in Cleveland This Week to push for D.C. statewide show attendee us Conference of Mayors event in host meetings to make her case for a fifty first eight, news for report should also bring her push to the public through several media interviews now, the Czech on the road two ninety-five southbound jammed up from Eastern avenue to just past least capital string watch for an accident now on the freeway North on yourself capital streak walk in the left lane, jammed up from eleven Street Bridge also disabled vehicle three ninety-five northbound leave roadblock in the left lane, sixty-six eastbound at twenty-nine and centered on the accident blocks the left lane watch for delays they're beginning at The Core rest area, also sixty well sixty-six eastbound of twenty-nine, Left-wing blocked there that's what we're just saying that the accident, , local news every thirty minutes all day long and Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now, you're exclusive Accu Weather forecast and am twelve sixteen, the answer or today it's only the partly cloudy very hot knew it is going up four ninety-six degrees our over there could be a heavy found a storm led to this after this evening partly cloudy tonight Los seventy-six, Morris Chara Thunder some around otherwise partly sunny high ninety-two. Wednesday neither is a lot more as human plenty of sunshine high eighty-seven, with your eye for the forecast I'm meteorologist tallied a Browns connect with us online at am twelve sixteen, dot com, we're going to the American joined by David Gregory, this is really, but this time wouldn't be Fino David Gregory is with C.N.N. a night this year, I missed you in every Green room I've never got the chance to work with you it might here for a long time, I'm sure fate this year big Bethel are on your religion, Ernie Young, I just curious in a political conviction with anyone remember he wrote that bucket that coming up at all, I think it has come up I mean some of the political figures that I've interact with it with, certainly paid attention to it, you know I've had a nice exchanges with former president Bush about it he his question of course hours your fate was with his questioning as the title of the ball, so yeah I mean I think in a way it's created a new layer of relationship with me with some political figures that I've covered, you know is they'd been expose him perhaps surprise that as a member of the mainstream media with will take on these questions, people asked me what the reactions unlike as well, there's not a lot of competition in my business earn a lot of people running two guys is more people running away from guys. Cutler poured into the legacy of Iraq words real around the world and in our politics for fewer but he's an important voice in a Republican Party and I've missed it, as we've seen this wave of Trump, and I have always felt and I know a lot of Liberals who believed this is well, you know, George said he was understood immigration, and if not for my labor law man level he would I got it done and would've put the country on a better heading in terms of how to deal with immigration and not voice in that approach, four, loving our neighbors ourselves meaning our neighbors to this out, I think it's been Lawson apart and I think he got that you know I had a conversation was a Monroe college N.B.C. on Saturday night about the year terrible as two thousand and five, it's with Terry shy, I hear it Myers pitch Reno, a lot going backwards and they spent all the little kap once Social Security reforms you'll recall what they came out of the buck not immigration not Iraq, probably the biggest thing go political missed calculation wrote career, going back and Karl been so successful, the French Open, Social Security as opposed to commit ration and Iraq and then Harry admires Katrina Terry shy about, it's a disaster, it was a disaster in you know present was talk, from the beginning about political capital and you know people forget you know that in his first term he got a lot none Natal left behind he got the tax cut through an on an all medicate expanding care. Expansion yeah the expansion which you know heard and summon Hardy but, you got to come off the blocks, with a rock and I always say you know that left in this country didn't have its act together to oppose Year Ross in order, until The White paper that came out in Britain actually in January two thousand flies that, in the warm really turn that's when the anywhere left in the country finally got organized, you saw what was happening Great Britain time by two thousand, and yeah I mean I think it was just a, it was amiss calculation and he had no more political cap who left after that and then a rock kind of sucked up the Reds so you knew, and immigration reform is basically, after not only got an I'll come about how want to get cover truck for have you dealt with chopped before this cycle I've done, no I really have it, I haven't dealt with him and I don't know the out with him and kind of limited ways news cycle of cynics created by him on Twitter, not to think about it, but I have tonight, I mean i walk around convention, news, I can't believe what I'm seeing I can't believe in a major American parties nominated Donald Trump s standard bear it will be an interesting night Thursday night when the exception I you know you see clearly not the favorite going anything out by five points minimum of the told a killer to two to one favorite if you look at this guy. If the venue Michigan Ohio to trifecta that's almost impossible plus Florida Latino population, but Rex it was supposed tail, for some points one by for me, thank you pick We have any idea I called the Black Swan event yesterday I do think it's at lax one I don't know others turnaround, I don't I would turn on a night he any of us would be a fool to pronounced that week in week in Sea everything coming down the pike is we're just so wrong about prompting so wrong about how so many voters are feeling around the country an out is I mean how that reaction when I walk around but that is kind of in a lead is needed due which is not been covering kind of you know, the conventional elite part of the Republican Party since nineteen ninety-six two thousand that's who I've known so I'm not is familiar with the with the new grassroots of the party, but it says something the Trump made a completely transaction a decision about his feet, and nobody's well this cracked a lot of these decisions a transactions, it's made worse by the fact that they appear to have zero personal chemistry and it beauties and that's likely to get worse less time he spent again, so clearly somebody prevailed of on from likely you've got to have some party unity here in seeking from a pure numbers in your face, and it's only made that call in an Governor Pence isn't good isn't good guy and he's been a very good leader over the years. So I you know I think that if you think about what Trump wants in this convention, party unity, if he wants to frame himself was a more likable guy with a great family to do that, I think the re entered option to the public is always possible, but he is so, you look at the reaction to the shootings in an all the rest, he is so deliberately so far out on the edge, I just don't know where The addition comes from how he gets hiring needs to break you know we always say about half America coach, rights to bring a slight the America that is never voted to go, I think he win and enters a promise that he can, Mike pets is me is the fifty-nine year old white lawyer from the Midwest you from Indiana from a highly what the other with the mission in any bench eloquent from Whitner admit to it you know me, that the not bring new voters, at does notify your Baynes but it doesn't bringing in fact it's doubling down on the disparity the Pollock, the party there's a new book by Roberts on top of the net, in American I just interviewed him for a series, with the suspensions that I'm doing with that, religious writer name Diana Butler Bassin assure and he makes the point and this is really striking, self identified White Christians in two thousand eight fifty-four percent now it's forty-five percent. So you how to assume unique, Christians in American who are now becoming an affiliate who don't identify with what was, the quarter of the Republican collision, and is a real split announcer curious about the bench eligible voters in the country who of course are very strong Graf voters their experiencing some real Fisher's in their ranks because you have a lot of Younger eventual calls, who are not on board look at Russell more ahead of the religious yeah, for the ethics commission, vs. for example of Jefferies Robert jerky Night Out I mean there's a big can i know Russell well on Russell wants to expand both on on on racial out reach which by the way is a practical matter two up if you're an event joke a leader you wanna you want to be, to be diverse, you want to be diverse because you want to Gronk because otherwise if I'm If I'm a lesbian Evangelical, we're not going to go but I go to a different Christian, the C.'s the gospel Jesus Christ, through the prism of lob not to exclusion so they've got a practical probably there but as a political matter, I also think it's an issue and and this is such a mixed up your because, I think one of the things in the media that we have to get a hold on, her he's impulse is not only grievance, dislocation, but missed down a sense of the country's changing exchanging for the worse and there are a lot of people say can't we return betting the again in the make America. Yeah that S. hear what could question I did religion reporting beginning in nineteen ninety-two searching for down American for P.B.S. and that he nicer, it's the most interesting part of religion thirty second unit stick with us the right where I really like to sprayed personally meaningful to me and I'm like to kind of bring it in the my journalism in and bring it into a more circular Hunter that's very knee as good they have you think, it is, America took on a well be right back from radio wrote in Cleveland I watched ahead over the relief active dot com that is where we go every single day for the an Atlanta toward that make it probably get by the clock in the morning and run around the Convention Center and do all sorts of the crazy acrobatic it is the great sponsor the programme has been with me for ever, and I take that starter for nineteen ninety-five at the start effect nineteen ninety-five, it's got all of natures pharmacy that will put you in touch with them, all about the great doctors resurgence Seattle that says, don't take over the counter medication everyday they'll take a leap don't pick I.P. prepping to raise that Rich, at risk of stroke, they can do all sorts of creative things C.S.O., try natures White relief actor dot com natures we're going to make you independent of the information the cows all those aches and pains keep your moving keep your running kick to do and jump injection whatever it is you do get the G.M. just go for a walk maybe Richard for the pin it but it without hurting every day. Try elective thousands of you haven't the testimonials a relief actor dot com our and all you need to do yo need to believe Maple Leaf them and I take it every morning ticket this morning it a quarter to five in the morning in Cleveland, so go there be right back America State Kim won more segment of this for show for the Republican national convection, this is the issue Hewitt, , every now and then the five northbound and we road watch for disabled vehicle their blocking the left lane three ninety-five M.P.H. will be links northbound fourteen Street Bridge Season acts of blocking of right wing from deep Street on the three-way northbound yourself capital Street, left lanes blocked with an accident those plays begin the eleven Street Bridge also sixty-six eastbound at twenty-nine and Centerville left shoulder block of an accident watch for slow traffic beginning about the car rest area, also sixty-six eastbound between the Flames in fifteen and he market accident there I just watch for some police direction nicely directing traffic around that crash Accu Weather forecast partly sunny hot inhuman ninety-six this afternoon heavy thunderstorms early this evening then partly cloudy overnight low seventy-six tonight partly sunny maybe an isolated things from tomorrow getting into about ninety-two, you sunny Not eighty and Washington this report brought to you by Western union dot comes mobile app you might be stuck in traffic which money won't be some money around the world twenty-four seven with the Western in Mobile App next time you need to send money fast get out of a jam in tap the Western union its money. 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The pretty, you know I people though there is the most important thing in the World Tour reporter are their credentials, they can get inside the Hall without their perimeter path them in their credentials path to that once toward youth make will emerge from tonight, well none in the big question of how the scene of tonight is that you've just got National Security, the big question of how the speakers really reinforce that even if they do it effectively at that if the especially at Nashville, a lot over the contention, it is if he can pull it off of it looked like the Thunder calm, it will be speaking with evening can really drive home that method effectively, elected to the known for the rest of the convention but if you know the choreography and in the the way it is, yet it gets pulled off the more like the Mike tenth, unveiling I think it up, we're grateful now the Network special on doing tonight for N.B.C. is attended clock who is looking at Penn the clock to even have a calendar yet, wieters that we can rely on Josh pressure, we do i don't have the Fulton filled in for me but if you know a lot of tropical or what I get the quit acquittal into the keynote speaker of keynote speaker set at the convention with like that you would make it different from from path, a Republican convention fumble on the Trump should be the prime time speaker in that. I don't know, Josh you just mentioned the Petrell out, I'm kind of an outlier I don't think it matters how he rolled out because all about jump and Clint this is become a two personality race this connected from the vets in the role except for the general feeling of fear, he could have hoped Braun is ticket and it would No matter you can add rush on his ticket it would matter Mike Pence the Jets a box of somebody can go any campaign for no way I've got to me Rob Portland Joe Hack every marginal Congressional District in the country he's exactly what they need, and that's what I'm happy about this, so there's whatever from your does a little bit, is that I think and some Aybar is a good pick, but given that you need to have another, yeah I think it would've been more beneficial for caught the half, that we've forces it method second that I can really, number of so many feel comfortable I don't think you felt comfortable, with Mike pants watch about fifty minutes interview last night and and and trouble but I'm very close over the last six months or so I think that would've been a more comfortable ticket, and you know on paper Pence checked all the boxes, in pain, all those when Federation's but it away, if you're probably the comfortable apparent gonna show and if he is comfortable with the new king Richter Chris Christie. I think that is one Otters went just your goal, a runaway get picked George H. W. Bush, you call the second when Tootoo economics and they were not comfortable with each other they grew into a great comfort level so I think that's a little bit of M.S.E. them over awaken they don't like you don't have to get along with a nice pregnant M.N.F., if you four of my day, you just have to be your send a message without and that messages our work with Congress in the conservative, you may be right you so Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan accomplish such a singular what you set the Jets, the force of nature that it's hard to see why do you think body language that you think chemistry does matter because you know it's both I think three times a lot of Mike and that it at an in an interview with your R.H.P., showcases running mate so I do think chemistry does not what you're right that , you know get tickets of different style candidate, not that he also, I just did you grew this reliever this, I think Pence, messages to Republicans that the cabinet will be conservative, and that it does shatter the remnants of the movement there are still a few delegates run around but, that's basically path supplied the based your career with that assessment, I knew I think if you look at their speech on Saturday that I think a lot of Republican which can be with us with a thicket of the attitude and the infield strike you know exactly where conservatives. that's what I was important become not the stuff on his own is on running mate messages with I'm really showcase Mike and I'm not sure if a lot of the property still knows who you get a look you know governor, yeah I got done for more than Michael steal in our Talkin on not yesterday him him B.C. innings of your thin allergy, you're got a great football team in your quarterback sucks and he does not to play the game yet it got some gift that he was talking about argue three obviously, and so what you have to do if you're the Republican your quarterback is inexperience into another play the game but has a natural tell you got to play better around and I think that's the perfect analogy for the Republican, well the Redskins simply certainly sympathized with that predicament but that nomadic that the very good analogy and and the question is, the convention reflect the aren't Steve a desire to really restraint on worst accepted or just you know that the champion convention, I let the big budget I'm watching for the Nets for David and the latter I think Republicans are going to worry that they don't have that quarterback that really they'd like to get and Josh gosh are you believe breathing in championship where you getting the Cleveland Cavaliers championship where the Cleveland Indians Weber one chanted to pair, the building, I will tell you that my my in mother from you live it made Mike year old daughter work week with Cavaliers you dealt with the C.'s graces yesterday. But yeah, do you think which were started early, I don't know if I approve but if you become the Nationals and a lot of people about, her Grant Metzer from the land that means he's well in doubt with great team when it comes to sports Josh Johnson are aligned online Josh on Twitter that he might Brent I'll be back tomorrow, given the Republican convention radio Row in the meantime they've for the job, reserve might never their line, think about the morning Gallagher's Army tonight, I'm in and held without that and media late, much of the night, imagine, Ortiz a show were sponsored by Hillary's in there, this is the most important moving, , the movie, dot com, the answer the looking for is here Washington's, the absolute the Stars official man, the truth, this is where you turn, this is the kind, , they bring to be sure my love the freedom I love America like doing but you stand with me and well over a million other patriotic Americans by joining a Mack Association a mentor American citizen a Mack is the fastest going fifty plus organization America, it's a good reason for that and fight for individual Liberty fiscal Saturday in Washington keeping the lead on ever-growing Federal Government and so much more in short and that fights for the concern values that it made America great and Mack advocates for the values that I hold D.R. and you're a Mack membership also will give you access to exceptional money saving benefits and discounts which is group rates on Ellen.