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Listen: "Now if President Obama nominates"

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Forty-eight ninety-eight where's the evidence Mike Ohlman President Obama says he is going to nominate somebody it's his job under The Constitution that's perfectly appropriate I think that it's unfortunate that some conservatives a said No we don't want to president to nominate anybody supposed to nominate somebody but that doesn't mean that republicans have to proceed to hearing or two a vote for to anything at all regarding that nominate Eichel now if President Obama nominates or in hatch whose share of the judicial eerie committee and one of the final conservative legal minds in the country is sure confirm Senator hatch but iffy of points somebody who is not a straight construction as then the Republicans are completely correct to resist not appointment now why do i say that because there's an underlying issue here there reason his such a big deal is because the court decides to much stuff the Michael Vick show we Jason played before shoe Hewitt at three am five ninety the answer what talk about feeling good the Neal forty way Neal forty is an amazing product of your over forty you got to remember your night for Cox side levels are dropping America heart Association says maybe go a half of what you need was that mean we just circulate isn't what it used to be if your feet here are your your hands are getting colder you maybe your search elation isn't what it used to be it's what you need a little boost you need Neal forty The revolutionary clinically proven patented tablet I take it every day at Nelson your mouth it takes great didn't immediately helps your body create night for Cox side to help your body boosted circulated him relaxes you robberies maintains healthy blood pressure levels and supports general heart with cardiovascular help don't put years in your life politely your years with Meal forty call today eight hundred nine oh one four three nine one eight hundred nine oh one four three nine one.