Hugh Hewitt On Gun Control

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For all hackers the chance for the Knicks checker that's the number two, the British government for the men in the Steelers fans pledges today, mccutchen must take an aggressive approach to protect the economy, and the structure and individuals privacy from hostile forces Philip Hammon will say, risk a Packers targeting air traffic control and powered read networks is one of the biggest concerns had you heard that, in a selection season, yep cut couple talked about it in his book lights out here on the show I talked about was senator caught not talk about this story was center caught many appears a little bit later on the Senate intelligence committee, we have a major problem on our hands, and that's why Hillary Clinton using and unsecure server is such a damaging reckless move on her part, so bad, so terrible how many people thank the Anthony Weener, computer had more infections then, a social diseases clinic, and the, the Robbie years in in Thailand during the, I'm in Bangkok, when five hundred thousand five hundred fifty thousand American G eyes were, station abroad between ages of eighteen in twenty-three and what go over to Bangkok from Wave honestly that's how infected happening winners spy where was nowhere how many people have everything that was on that email less everybody, just fishing away, , every every intelligence agent he has all Hillary stuff I told you that Mike moral confirmed that other senior can officials told me that. But but but don't had vote for, it's a nightmare vote for If you want, but the duo wide open, here's the other story from the times of London, tercer tried to acquire mashed casually weapons, to carry out para style atrocities in half of the recent plots for a buck a buck Poile by counter terrorism police reports the time to wonder, mark rally the National League for counter terrorism policing, said yesterday, but five of ten plots uncovered in the past two years involved attempts to obtain explosive or firearms, the terse reported because of tight gun laws and the protection afforded by being an island he said, Mr. rally was speaking at the launch of a public appeal in conjunction with the National Crime agency to stop both the illegal illegal weapons falling into the hands of a terrace, concerned the been Item A had a record level of gun seizures in London and similar spikes across the number of cities, , now, please understand Second Amendment guy we're not Great Britain, but I'm reading if to tell you, that we're gun jury illegal there are still guns and bad people get them, the good people don't have, Mr. rally in window and is the agencies director general call for people to tip-off the authorities if they knew someone trading illegal weapons, they also won information anyone it was Cavalier about the way they store legally on weapons, because eight hundred legitimate firearms go missing every year. They're additional concerned about seven hundred and fifty armed criminal games, who might be persuaded despite firearms to Terrence affair the highest better, Mr. rally said you got some very bright determined clear think of people who are fully committed in our drivers of the Islamic State propaganda and Jeremy city call that dash, , and they do get gang members criminals people are already angry typical people causing prominent community, who perhaps get given a more clear purpose for their violence by a terrorist to the allergy whether they picked that up on the street turn prison, those games come analogy links aren't issue that concerns are so we've seen evidence of a potentially linking firearms into terrorism, there's no one said that by disrupting supply of guns is never been a more significant priority, and expressed concern about terrace using the dark web to secure arms, quote currently we believe we hold an advantage, here's a low availability ago we go firearms in the U.K. compared with European an international partners, but it is not an advantage that we take for granted, to maintain that advantage we must not standstill, there are thought to be thousands of illegal guns and circulated in Britain, last year the and she a shot eight hundred eighty four weapons to the National ballistic intelligent service for forensic and analysis, last night and you Parker had of M.K. and my five revealed the twelve plots had been disrupted in the United Kingdom since twenty thirteen. To well Terrence points, in the United Kingdom, twenty thirteen, three or friends, three here, and you one Hillary Clinton was reckless with everything that she touches and screws up according to calm Pau to be present, and you want Democrats around the congress, you want Barbara boxer, her party, she was on Andrea Mitchell yesterday I very rarely Prairie bother boxers she is soon to be return thank god, is on a Barber boxer cut number one, center in your reaction, unlikely according to from morning that Jim coming is going to get back to your colleagues in the Senate, in a timely way today with any kind of explanation elaborate on that latter, but I think there is just plain wrong, , Mr. come eight, you know Democrat supportive, when he came man, he has a wonderful record in the past, has really matches leveled and I told her surprise iconic and a top of be trail, of longstanding and be I, protocol, and Department of Justice protocol But you, when was something like this a few days away from an election, and Andrea for, let's see about these nine years now, I've been the chairman or the vice chairman of the Senate head fix committee, and in a five partisan bases we just do not, we do not, even answer complaints if it's within sixty day from an election, so why is he stepping out on this, why hasn't a step doubting given as an eight year report on whether Donald Trump is involved with the Russian hacking of. How the males here when he, a high lob, stop right there I love that because the New York Times today, as a story you know that was the talking point yesterday you see Democrats all over the place with the same talking points, the talking point yesterday, what Donald Trump is connected with the Russian, and today, they're the New York Times story but he's not, alright so it's it's the US official save a doubt Donald Trump has a direct quite to Russia, investigating Donald Trump F.B._I sees no clear link to Russia now and Steven we mired holy, fabric aided by the clip then attacked machine, after the break I'm going to play you the meltdown a James Carville, maybe that's longer how long to take that ten six minute meltdown, should we started now but started now here's James Carville yesterday were Thomas Roberts here we go to James leeway for the the I think you know we aren't on like Hillary Clinton is saying there in Democrats they put criticize director call me but if can't sat on information until after the selection, and there was something manner there was really bare there would maybe accused of a cover up, the first-round I started and he was act in concert of coronation which our from probably should be in the story, yard line The him they gave into Fox those also and extraordinary case into Kane Jamie be an an, and there's Rice, and select him leading thing from from from the club. Campaign death, so it with that American democracy is really on the attack year in a question is how we protected hound Democrats going responded asked to have to understand this is really really quite extraordinary I get stop my rise here, come back and well, but will come back, James has all the talking points down now it will fit in the next second, but it is a not a good look for him, meanwhile A.B.C. News washing post tracking pull, Donald Trump has the lead for the first time since May, Trump forty six quit and forty-five Kelly and Conway tweets Donald J Trump is up thirteen points in eight deck, anyone who doesn't think that the bottom has fallen out on Hillary Clinton is is simply not paying attention to the facts, of course, of course, of course she follow I d be cooper, that was amazing, to hear James Carville yesterday and here's a they'll six hundred fifty thousand emails the AFC's filed are those Email Twitter between whom and Hillary, and between whom anyone at state in between home and anybody, the computer company when they said it up, anything added a with that illegal server as part of the investigation, it's going to take a long time to find anything that will exonerated look at everything to prove that, but it's very easy to find a smoking gun if they find a smoking gun, highlighted out the media what, because she , not to be close to the oval office on the right back America's thirteen. , if you're brought to you by Sierra Pacific mortgage for more info call triple eight percolate, two, Washington, questions we're here to provide, the answer twelve sixty, going into the number nonstop action, information months, thanks to go doesn't, and you know, you Hewitt will be right, , you're you're there for like walk WHIP come true identity theft it's a real jungle out there were so many be will during ways you can happen credit card Friday's just one way someone could file fake packed returns renter by property to do whether criminal think in your name some okay all Cesar Social Security number to open a back account as well identity theft is a lot more than most people think it can be pretty overwhelming thank goodness, there's like block their proprietary technology detect a wide range about Andy threat but I'm like free credit monitoring which only monitor changes in your credit life walk helped attack that result identity theft problems and you have a problem one of their dedicated us pay specialist will work effect that no one could prevent all identical after monitor all transaction at all business is not life lock helped fix, identity theft issue membership starts at nine I mean I don't want plus a put go back to call one eight hundred nine eight zero twenty-eight seventy one eight hundred and nine eighty read twenty-eight seventy or visit like a lot dot com now and he's promo code Hewitt that's Hewitt save ten percent on your membership call one eight hundred ninety read twenty-eight seventy years promo code he what and save ten percent. 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Jammed up to ninety five southbound from Eastern Avenue to pencil being out in North nineteen ninety five delays from the felt like a laboratory road ninety five northbound watch for often on delays from, city Two one twenty-three minutes was from Brit wanted would bring ten that's a different Kanye sprinkled Parkway, Accu Weather forecast partly sunny today have to sixty two right now it's partly cloudy and forty eight in Washington this report brought to you by positive coaching alliance questions about you for high school sports positive coaching alliance can help PCL a national my profit organization develops better athlete better people three youth in high school sports and fly positive coach dot org I'm Scott Brady with traffic and weather on A.M. twelve sixty the answer que Hewitt is, one, A.M. twelve sixty, the answer, welcome back America here here in here more James Carville with Thomas Roberts on and that's nbc's yesterday, that they have to be I shouldn't me getting role model House Republicans that it and that's it and that's what happens, if nothing else is going down and I mean time we get down and our democracy is on assault, last night changing date I mean to made something want to be talking about that than the very partnering Rawls Roman issue and this campaign, and people have been a sign that we want from the we want our country for ourselves or people in charge it with and all that that they came out for problems is on his election the monologue. Can intelligence agencies do feel that the hacking that has been, of the which he leads of job that estas email was pulled through Russian, agencies the when we will take that when we take away what it was a lot of Wickey rights James and just focus specifically on the after ya doing Scully was praised in July by everyone Forte not moving forward the run additional read Alain so why now is is there for an for call me, when they find something that could part you know, you know and John then again set when the facts change, what do you do, I'm somehow now than and that doesn't always on something nice in July thirty eight you get you can check in spite , just it's gotten policy in spite of on the people in the Bush administration if I find ethics people, of the Schein Dez's are pressure learned why New defending yes why New sitting here where our DeMarco she is on the cell when Anthony I is acting at the half and Jason Javits in sitting here acting like years or something legit it's not it's an average of a factor selection so Democrats in people across his country happen that would have so James in July, can we did the unprecedented active holding a press conference to revealed that he wasn't going to have a charges recommended cigarette alliance right no one man on the last full was up in arms fomer or what James Comey here. Start isn't this of double thing, not correct now not, the most than the now when the facts Shane you change right I don't have to haunt concept for people again sometimes it is unprecedented looking to up the and patients look at what's gon how, you should and then with defending I'm assault on American democracy, I'm good, you know some I'd probably set nice things about anybody and And Human point this is an impression, that was not have to buy half in the house Republicans that was a week impressed by the house Republicans and as we noted changing the it's all win this election and doesn't what we're talking about well on the talking about our DeMarco should be an around us out right now what we can do about it and when somebody Shannon July and I'm James calmly captain distraction that's not, what's gon, how many not the and featured you read to die of people fantasy not when Republicans Anderson's on press again it, I mean this is unbelievable, gave one all action and it's more on blame elected like you're defending asked, well James in no way am I defending I'm just trying to ask fun, are you acting scared are your medicate yard you are making excuses for calmly Palmer you know sometimes some something somebody Shannon July, no I'm not, the Rams are going to find that I've been praised on the left and the right for being a pretty neutral. For his career, I don't know I you know I don't know what someone said in July I'm doing that was impression and press conference and to talk about his opinion which again as opposed to us and there's nothing investigation, , I mean I, one, as he was as well, I'm confused why why a lot, , margin, only one, consulted time no one lessons, but when under out Berto Gonzalez he did not safeties orders on the Bush administration, I don't want road venue so, he's been praised on both sides are along times about trying to, in Florida and it's round, that is away from politics who would you disagree with you were, yeah talk of like they need a lot of, a bar tell them Dallas and we're talking about the, against the awesome, Devonta policy against Andrey that we think we all know yet involved in a presidential election if you wan defend that new defended but I'm not, I think this is a out range and I think the fact into Kane Jamie as an mountainous elections a how great and I think the American people on take and a marker she Maclin longer somewhat depression Washington excuse and they wanna like the phone, what's the best thing that Hillary Clinton, new other than ask for the F.B._I to make all of this public Soviet everybody been zone pertains out what what yeah threat to make it probably with treatment called I mean I mean yeah you are you Todd him on top of Schein on. Paxson activities long right side of the roadway ninety five north out the truck way station the extra blocks the left shoulder, three ninety five north are three ninety five westbound rather main Avenue disabled vehicle, wasn't a slow down there watch for delays in down fifty from for ten to counter worth out in New York counter when bounced Los from the Baltimore Washington purportedly spurred road jammed up to ninety five southbound for Eastern Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue this report brought to you by mother's against on thriving every fifty-two minutes someone is filled by drunk driver join mother's against run driving in a walk like match spiking near you, sign up and walk like madd dot org local news every thirty minutes all day long I'm scrap radio name twelve sixty the answer, you're exclusive active in the forecast and A.M. twelve sixteen, the answer, where they immature quell consumption on high sixty two tonight partly cloudy low fifty-three more turning warmer of a Sunshine and patchy Clausen hard tomorrow afternoon seventy six, thursday's him son John followed by clouds very warm couple showers a heavy thunderstorms later in the day a high near the record at eighty set in nineteen seventy four it will be cooler on Friday, with your eye for the forecast I'm meteorologist elevated reps by my Gallagher weekday mornings at nine now more huge Hewitt here on A.M. twelve sixteen, , , well Trump is risky bad, very very risky that he did not with dry hanging in there after the Access Hollywood Jay. Very very risky that, we don't know we'll put on it doesn't a list of twenty good Supreme Court Justice as many of whom would be fine on the court, got Chris Christie around him, deeply compromised by bridge date, we don't know much about we would Stafford your met with but we know that, not a vision, a point he's would be named Clinton, or Bruce Lindsay, for David Kendall, or, for sure home else, I guess people just sec of the Clintons, and this latest episode, two part, there and I get I focus on the fact that mainstream media this morning one eight hundred five to a one to three four is reeling from the A.B.C. washed impose poll a week ago they were trumpeting the A.B.C. News watched him post racking polish of pretty good record had Clinton up twelve, today Donald Trump is up one, and the level of voter enthusiasm has fallen off of a cliff for Hillary Clinton because people know, she back in the indictment zone don't mean she will be indicted doesn't mean she won't be indicted, it is possible should be an tight, there is no possibility underway that Donald Trump will be indicted invited president presents, an extraordinary seven constitutional issues, actually covered in my journal that I had to do at that Chapman for many years and you're prosecuted president, yeah cheers probably constitutional he not, Scott how another legal scholar looked into it at the time I reviewed all their work and the editor in shape. And out the edges probably you can up prosecutor sitting present have to wait, but the paralysis the comes from that I do believe if as long just investigation underway until we have a special prosecutor top to bottom to review it's been so badly boxer terribly handled, that's job, to be able to nominate get confirmed anybody at the Department Jeff just or even one federal judge I'm I wanna hold hearings on merit barreling marijuana confirm or Karl in, a fine judge, appointed by, I would Jim at we elected president, but I'm so concerned the Department justice, at the obstruction him indicated in the Wall Street Journal story yesterday, and that it just half you know wide investigation how could they missed the Wiener, computer, really how could they miss that I don't understand hero agents tell me how you could miss that, how did that House Republicans missed but it's like a shared widespread why old incompetence one eight hundred five two oh one-two three four, we're having trouble because evidently some brainy acted team Trump decided to pass out, seminar caller notes for talk shows and so people are calling us what I'm connected random thoughts because they think they're helping team Trump, and they're not focused on the one storied out of the talking about, we should be emails, or, let's go so Tom bro conference and what was Nick on the morning show and then it's up to the Justice Department to make a decision about whether or not they're going to go forward with that. They he's been all over the map in this up and it's quite surprising in the because of the way he can man you half, our I'm integrity, now he's been back and forth on all over the map now on and I don't think anybody suggesting is not a towering integrity now, you know I you know when it gets me up by the Wall Street drawn others and he got, looking guy, line in the what's going on Washington everybody feels that they've got to say something one and time after another what worries me, all across the board in the selection is damage done to institutions has and we don't want people care about continuing suspicion about the integrity of the F.B._I or the Josh this works out, how ta stop right, cab in that, it's too late, it's too late they try to shut down the Department of Justice the Department justice attempted to intimidate the Deputy director the F.B._I to stop an investigation equipment Foundation, it will be, broken until a special prosecutor comes then top to bottom it's by the way it's what had to happen when any institution, I mentioned before judge Larsson my partner he gets called and occasionally do the special investigation to Corporation they're gon off the rails could be a former federal Johnson gets called it I would you oversee the sipped and that's, were broken, we need someone Bill Webster did it for the Los Angeles play suburban I saw director Webster. Not longer last week in Washington great America from director the guy former C_A_A director, led the Webster, commission looking to watch Angels Police Department after the run it came verdict, after the riots, if you bring in some of like Larsson someone like Webster, and they start from top to bottom sipped enough for example our friends at Baylor University, they always been ripped apart by scandal ripped apart, they're going to have to bring in whoever they name is a new present I think they had a name just as well at the new present a Baylor's class advice, think eighty-eight it, at Baylor, just a civic touches Supreme Court wonderful man it very very funny guys on Twitter, but the first thing here anybody else will have to do it Baylor this it did not start to top to bottom look at what happen that, and that's what they're going to have to do it the Bureau and the Department of Justice with regards to what has happened there it is completely broken, completely broken, motion it, you know I out where I am O Shea, yeah, a lot of, listening intend to now born in saying, he's a young out, on the thirty seven yard touchdown, great play, , general manager and may come, Warren, on the Blank but it is in baseball the Cubbies, we know it's on the brink of Hall of Famers on the forty-eight, , I don't have to look at upward Google because I played Stratton out of the. Oh goes drown a matter if we are we are the fear the happy this strata Matt A gap, maddux of the seventies in the sixteenth, he will also all, oh in that you your, the very best hard to get was Bobby Bandy toll him from the Cincinnati Reds he was always my first draft pick Joe Morgan was good but by vitola man what a strength guard drive my friend got thirty seconds, okay don't, , Satchel Paige, Don't you wall, well man and valor how many did I'm a, , you will be look you, you write your best today ever, I believe when and that will be, if it's just for your porn then Heyman that my mom would they would trade, but hard but all of that year old will be, I don't know Hillary did, with the high three, after the game, , no no no no I'm not going there with the I'm not going there with it but I will say this about the , the email send I want people understand this year's you drive in your car now let me reset the situation, to investigation and Clint or, there is the Clinton Foundation investigation which spread over four F.B._I field offices and main F.B._I, on Pennsylvania have it, it's bashed, the Department justice impeded it to the point that the Deputy director set are you trying to shut down, a valid Lee predicated investigation that's a scandal that's a cover up that's obstruction chuck Graf Lee's on that he has the right questions that truck number one. Clinton Foundation scandals look at before an aging registration that before crept practices that look at Gilbert should great look at Morocco look at all that stuff, that's going to be gone for years, investigation number two the males in the security breach, as I was informed yesterday by return assistant United State's Attorney with twenty-three years a prospect Toro expression Department of Justice there's a feature Microsoft off not, I don't know from is using Microsoft rail well I don't know, nobody knows, but there's a feature where if you log into an accounted downloads in saves everything on the account, no six hundred and fifty thousand emails is the the universe to be males that the be I have to look at Bay according to the various story just when it was return on New York Times Los Angeles time my friend no Wilbur is working on that's the F.B._I as a program to identify, those emails, but they have previously seen, they got the look at those again, whatever standard they look that they can put those away, but as the F.B._I revealed they were not able to recover a lot, a lot of Hillary Clinton's damage Leetch pitted servers, if those new emails a ride and we find additional class find information that was destroyed or attempted to be destroyed, first destroyed after the receiving subpoena, yeah, major smoking gun share, you might also find who Monday Hillary emails pre seeing the set up of the illegal server. Has to of the intent behind the illegal server, which would go to the intent standard that director coming articulated, it so world are and then finding you will find home and to partner State employees, that will put them and whom at risk but especially home, there's a lot there and Ben again you might find nothing, nothing at all, we're not going to find out by the end but we know we know that if we out lacked Hillary Clinton president we're going to have this over the president see from a clown from day one, and do not expect any ever de O.J. a point used to be confirmed do not expect any ever judges to be confirmed, you don't let people under active F.B._I investigation be confirmed there's got to be a special Pelt so it's going to go on for years like they always do that's what you're buying in, yeah chop strikes many of your is very very very risky I understand that, but Hillary Clinton is not a risk we are certainty of investigations forever, minnesota time you're on the New York Showtime go ahead, a big and year thank you thank you sir, I do, when I bring up, something I've thought about my haven't hurt anybody on that, that is the last laugh, right with the with the shift back, Rivers, two, Hillary that out, and I'm just wondering if there's a possibility that could be known on the winner on that. No I don't think so I think that would've they would've ARI recognized it as such this is, been in is possession for a very long time if I read this correctly six hundred fifty thousand emails even if you're, I got to account suma and Tony, Anthony it takes a long time to keyboard six hundred and fifty thousand emails, Tom not that's not that I wish when you're they were very dangerous that they're missing but I don't think that's a dick and Dayton Ohio hey dick you're on the New York show welcome, the morning how are you doing you Ants Game six of the World Series in Cleveland but I know, right you, they can from up there I think the and the answer going to take it tonight, I'm going to talk with them a that's a ride next hour he's going to be different his eighties that and diehard Cubby they got a good guy, thrown tonight but we've got Josh Tomlin the little Cowboy from tell you, but it's good if they always good, I just want to tell you to I'm going to go independent I don't like these emails by Hill rake, and so what that mean Julio the for, well I don't know maybe Gary Johnson but it's just that, I don't know why it the F.B._I he's Johnson a certain way about, well I, yeah they get away and, I mean you know when you pitch it if you can't. If you're conflict given you can't vote for Trump and Hillary your punting, well then I'll go Jess of those, and you know Tots Red that's what I think is going to happen all over the country think people are going to go chop except in Utah, we're and maybe I'd our haven't McMillan may wind I mean there are there you have a viable choice for a lot you know votes it but I mean but you're not Utah our Idaho those are the on Tuesday Tim which he's competitive Gary Johnson to throw to worry about, people are disgusted with Hillary might vote for Joe Stein people don't like shot might vote for Gary Johnson the Gary Johnson to down the I mean you got to go pad again and so you know I just I think there's a moral choice in front of people, and they have to pick it, but I just don't believe in putting thank you my friend, , fort Wayne where did up twenty seconds way guy had, well, and Martin you know I just say, every time that one of the the idiot Democrat but Carmel third what, oh Hillary can do to demanding to get it all out there the worst loss should immediately the if he wanted it all out there why didn't he put it there was you got to go well they ever there, well but thank you sir also well but relief factor dot com that's the place it you want to be going if you have any kind a campaign this morning. It really jumping up and down out a year chair time Game six of the World Series I hope you've been taken yearly factor And if you are not able to jump up and down a year Checkers your back you need your ankles whatever give it a world but tell me Ivy profound put down the elite pick up the relief factor, nineteen ninety five gets you started just nineteen ninety five, gets the green number back ticket for a couple weeks see if it works for us it as for thousands, people come up ten in my travels they'll have their only factor packed with them and they they what a wonderful wonderful, , then you turn me on two and they're testimonials are abundant and they are detail, and the Americans over a relief back to dot com look like you're they look like me they're all ages are all sizes are all shapes them all sorts of injury They have all sorts a complaints but information at the rid of all of them, really factor com Nature's pharmacy quickly tester clinically proven safe, it's for you to try to for works for you, really factor dot com when we come back, senator Tom caught nine Harry read in much much more when we return, , this is the issue here, , , to seventy so one twenty one accident walks the right lane watch her delays earned Clark's word also delays on for a Pennsylvania Avenue inbound Crane highway right there Three one. Paxton has a GM depth from Maryland to Fifty-eight they front road, George Washington Parkway southbound south of one twenty-three the accident blocks the left lane those plays begin a turkey run Park, on nine ninety five north out the truck PlayStation the accident blocks the left shoulder jammed up from two thirty four and don't freeze the host, eastbound before the Fairfax county Parkway action in blocks the center lleno still a speaking at the done a screen wait till applies, also crash Cambridge between plead road in canal road Accu Weather forecast partly sunny today high sixty two, tonight partly cloudy low fifty-three in an for tomorrow partly sunny warmer getting up to about seventy six down Thursday some signed but then clouds showers in heavy thunderstorms late in the down Thursday getting up to about eighty and a to cool off for Friday, right now and Washington cloudy and forty eight I'm Scott Brady with traffic and weather on A.M. twelve sixty the answer, This is Larry older for the Salem Media, the same people who with no evidence chanted Bush ride people died, right now ignoring clear evidence of Hillary Clinton's violation of the espionage yack which in peril national security and George W. case it was the hero evidence of alive according to the raw Silverman commissioned investigation in Clinton's case for a violation of the espionage that allowed a hostile actors the game access to very sensitive high, I would classify the information period now though no criminal prosecution occurred if we are Director James call me testified their favorite Eric whenever colleagues quote work stream we Claire list in their handling a very sensitive highly classified information in the quote intercourse surgery on the national stage misses when the left a trail of live and the.