Listen: "Coming out of the NFL, kind of sort of, Lovie Smith back in Illinois"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Him Shaq and happy Birthday to Shaq by the way is birthday today for Shaq diesel Shaq through the big man the big fellow everyone a column eight five five three two three four and the season isn't over to get on a more News coming out of the NFL's has sort of Lovie Smith back in Illinois rethink not for the Bears although the Bears could probably use him back there because I'm a former successful when he was there as opposed to when he's not the The Bears don't still seem to get that you need Cube you want to be able to win in this league you really do maybe an occasional game hear their bye with which can't ride a crappy quarterback all throughout the course of the season the Don't tell me Denver Dickens Osweiler is more than capable for the capable of Lovie Smith to become the next coach at Illinois for the Fighting aligned as of grandstand things in early work on Tampa Bay I go figure than early work him for anybody since Chucky last there and what they won the Super Bowl what's been thirteen fourteen years now sports a cyclical though I was watching a out a classic super Bowl matchup of the NFL network talked about why the last night during the show Gallagher this the Rams playing the Tennessee Titans okay first of all the Rams are even in St. Louis anymore there are now back in allocate where it all started you don't have nearly as much talent as we saw that supo get word Of all the guys go where they all go into the better ones they have they've now cut ties with Iran Cook no longer their division tied and you learn ice no longer there there he goes as well it's all in a bid to try to bring it's a new fresh faces as a head to their new Davis which will be the ally Coliseum for Cavaliers other build the stadium in Inglewood always Upton of good it's the Bush legs in his embassy sports radio guys up to know good he's going up next for good friend from Chicago Jam Levy with the sports radio guys around to find the Midwest Jimmy's EA Sports Radio the.