Listen: "You're going to be back to watching the Rams"

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Kevin C. Cox
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9 and then Divac and nine o'clock are with more supports open line gotta say went today when this morning to Justin awesome awesome event an it is put on by junior achievement of greater Saint Louis and it was their twenties 16 career fair an had in Austin time talking with so many young students so many medical middle school students about what I do about what they do about the Rams leaving about Cardinals season about the blues an just incredible refreshing and really really encouraging exciting to be able to sit down and chat with so many gauge locked in kids it was it was awesome to do met so many Austin kids shots in my guys It is a would se middle school there on top of it were talking some talk at some hoops Dawkins and football I was doing a little bit a stroll polling an this a little bit different than what we've talked about the last couple weeks last couple weeks we've we've said Rams fans the Rams are gone do you think you're gonna come around do you think you're going to be back to watching the Rams when football season gets here next year because you know i said you know i'm moved from Chicago and still was a Bears fan I know what's different Vontae early moved i think it's easier than ever to not living the city as an NFL team instilled River that team so were gonna talk about that of last week it's like When Graham season starts next fall will you get sucked back if you like Aaron Donald if you like Todd Gurley if you like Case Keenan punches Katie just kidding I just kidding but you know if you like Todd Gurley on dollar you could make the case that those guys to the best players and all the NFL will look you be back will they suck you back it will you root for that team because you know that that's the team Teemu been connected to so gotta get mix responses through people all these kids to a person said no to weigh person said no anyone and closer to the sort Fisher and things and just watch well so Jeff but the but they said they're not going to end maybe that's being young ands you know being more fan of of individual players an you know these kids you know they don't remember the gritty Sean tariffs been a bad Rams football but a lot of but Kim Newton fans but a bunch of bunch young people that atop the Broncos were gonna win so just needed give a shots everyone thank everyone a junior treatment bend and should just a really really cool events an really get too excited when you you sit down with with with so many middle schools who are engaged or focused core outgoing wore funny it was a really good morning but not the ramps up big out away by are you man well I root for me because I'm friends with a lot of the guys on the defense Quinn where nine and some friends would you know so on the roof or the guys you know but stand you know how I feel about them but you know I I with some success on a personal level They had no thing in this crew small oh yeah I don't know anyone anyone hold it against players so if you like where they had no no Senate and I know Percy and that they were in term well they had no idea what they were doing where.