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Market Wrap 16 September, 2016

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Spencer Platt
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They raised their numbers and pretty nicely and intel was up nicely today what could have been better but could a bit worse a little bit of a breakaway gap but intel on a seventy three million cheers more the triple volume they race numbers pretty darn good was up like a bucks sixty that it was only up seventy five cents so finished okay that's a pretty good move on and telling that started to help things out but the market just didn't have much juice today so that also said will get a starting early of a few minutes though get ready i will not be hoping back and what happened today in the campaigns he already know what i think of the national media they went lower today i will explain with that said time to today's market wrap well the lowest today but that was the one thirty four known as that don't twenty four but the naz that always had good relative strength today because of a few things will get into it but the dow finished down eighty nine in the doubted a bowing was a stick chef ron stick and a half ibm almost two three have a stick and a half x on a step united tech to sixty of the downside of the upside united health to eighty the deal liz's that's posey the justice department is getting a little easier about maybe let some of those deals go through you know there's but try to be a bunch of merger is in the match care business th at mose at the justice department put their foot down on them that's oppose leave it may be looking again and of course intel up a block s and p down eight that's that was only down five naz that one hundred only down to the socks was flat and of course apple intel help that i trip sports down thirty advance the clients two to want to that negative not very good on the naz back thirteen sixteen new highs not a lot out there a foreign market scott hipped asia was up though i'll take that back.