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Listen: "You better have at least three future pros on your team, or you can't win the National Championship"

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Andy Lyons
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I want to say for like a forty year period it is an every national champion we have had at least three future top pick you draft pick except for their with one came way back win and then there was the arm there was their QB that her Carmelo Anthony you know we have to future pros on it like one of the most Carmelo Anthony to whatever itself basically that the Guideline became you better have at least three future Pro than your team or you can't when the National Championship like it's really rare thing you thought Week sixteen aren't only data a final four but if you're trying to put that in April you better three pro into like look at Duke last year and for you know I mean yeah I mean it then we kept three three in the starting lineup and depending on what happened with the rest of that lost you could argue or whatever and so you start looking for teams this year that meet the criteria Maryland got more than anybody else sport Maryland got more projected top pick him be a draft picks so that team is never clicked I don't think the peak his fifth to get a perfectly but if you kept won a look at what got them up to be a talent it it marked urgent did and Kansas City is a team that doesn't necessarily have despite being really really good more of the Michigan State modeled in the Marilyn alright well well that it's funny right because that you number one overall seed yeah because they don't if they don't make it and when the whole thing I want to thank people point out was You know they didn't have the prerequisite that number of pro now I do think they have approach but but they're not they're not necessarily in the starting line right wing so the five year second round pick Perry Ellett baby be a second round pick and then let's just say I should be all logos on a bs it becomes a first round pick from that and then they would actually happen number pro according to the criteria step forward but if it like last year's Duke team with three first round picks in the starting lineup.