Listen: "Even these days when the concussion protocols are so rigid there are players that have been missed"

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Donald Miralle
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And Fed given what I want gap and order or put himself in a situation where they're trying to get hurt I don't think that most players out there reckless I'm not sure fault is the word that I would use in at Bigger very few players out there that tried hurt others or that take cheap shots their solemn and those are the ones that always get more attention but generally you've got athletes to respect the health and safety about other and don't want to Philly even competitors get hurt how much responsibility should the league buried how much responsibility should be athletes themselves bear Bradford says on Twitter I think the league as a role in the Bay need to enforce concussion protocol for both the NHL and NFL and then por at applying the NFL is certainly come under fire for this in the past in even these days in the concussion protocol there so rigid there are players that have been messed than and allowed to stay on the field when it's fairly obvious that something is wrong with the athlete himself but it also had the opposite Ben Rothenberg or taking in fell off the field and again this path event because he was worried if given the first time my career I was thinking about my family and long-term head injuries and and the Falcons that can come along with that Mike of a thing in Massachusetts welcomed after our CBS Sports Radio.