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Listen: "Terrell Owens didn't even get him to his only Super Bowl"

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Michael Heiman
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Wide and make at the guy only caught fifty eight percent of the passes thrown his way is one of the most to earn two wide receivers and and football and she did absolutely nothing in the playoffs he's not even in the top thirty four expense excuse yet he was against his whole career in the playoffs he was a yet and he played on a broken leg in the Super Bowl was the best player for the Philadelphia Eagles as I watched a person and more importantly his career was Monumental and there are a lot of players who didn't do great the playoffs like Dan Marino is Dan Marino Hall of Famer well Dan Marino put up numbers and the plumber's all that his so but he didn't but we didn't do anything in the playoffs and get on two was only Super Bowl they wind three games and won all the games without a win or a went to they won two games with a horse it all liked him I can tell you don't like Tito heated watches career that you again there's a personal grudge if you're ignoring his numbers.