Washington Post Writer Explains Why He's Dropping Opposition To Redskins Name

Washington Post writer Robert McCartney argued for years that the ethnically-oriented name of the Washington Redskins football team was racist and should be changed - until poll results suggesting native Americans feel otherwise changed his mind.

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now it turns out that in influential call the For The Washington Post to help him the name change fire hasn't that changes on Monday, the reason Washington Post Paul showed that nine of ten Native American don't object of the name Redskins some of them actually like it Robert McCartney the post senior regional Correspondent, editorial wide for name change for years, he stop, McCartney changes position, he was a guest of Denis pressure, how do you react now, to the one short, green you from the left not the right, well the Islanders first lonely just make clear one thing I still you know what am I personally I'm comfortable with the word with the mundane, , I'm a big fan of the team I mean on the long time devoted fans season ticket holder you know into it yeah stick damn but, I was in the minority, of fans who thought that name should be change before our eyes still really like it but I have to say in light of the whole that I can't opposed it anymore, think they there you have you know that is not just a key I have no intellectual just occasion anymore for opposing another people were Mattingly from the laughed, they're basically making, who are well I guess three arguments, one argument is, the worded in mainly races, the word Reds unit innately raised fist and you can't get away from that, I think that the whole shows nowhere were four out of five Native American said they did not consider the word to be disrespectful of Native American I think, the whole capped a lot of doubt on that I know dictionary used the site dictionary, as saying it was, defining as you usually your often a racial slur are not now I think the dictionary either out of date or incomplete at least they need to be re pivot, second argument is being used a lot and this is what a lot of the Native American activists are pushing is the polls methodology is wrong you know you don't like the results of the ball so you question of methodology well, I just disagree with them about that and I have a lot of confidence in our , pollsters they were very careful to try to avoid, the pitfalls allies when huge tried to do opinion surveys of native Americans who weren't particularly difficult group to survey Butler Paul had exactly the same result I'm sure you know like that, all twelve years ago right the people right, so I think we not the an inverted center poll of twelve years ago suck, you know I think we've now that two polls, that basically one Poland's two balls over twelve years that show the same thing and with the second Paul our Paul in which of course I naturally of The Washington Post person, have a particularly great faith, the second poll comes you after you know several years I'm very high-profile debate in discussion of the finish,