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College Basketball

Listen: "As long as you have them playing in the right direction and understand the role"

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Chris Coduto
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No no he surely before they're a lousy have the play in the right direction and understand the role and everyone buys in from March as much as I love college basketball that is the one stated that I make myself the bothers me they from March very close to the point where college bats was become a one-month sport and that's not good for anybody that's people not paying attention in November and December November December and January two degree were always it's tough times to get people pay tense college basketball and I felt was his full swing that's where the majority of the thought process wet and now he turned into a one-month sport which tutoring Reid is for a lot of people he gives did little to sit there Watt said gave in December non-conference non ranked opponents draft why would you bring himself to do that I love the sport but that's one issue that he had to face i've said before I'm also not a fan of the one and done I think you get a scholarship to go the yet this at least two years I wouldn't mind three years football you can't restricted So all day go do something else.