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Listen: "May be the greatest quarterback we've seen in the last ten years"

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Frederick Breedon
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Luck would all this kid that's the way he could Be You can miss this session that that's the only about the only reason I'm saying no because look cartilage maybe the greatest quarterback we seen in the last ten years or he could be play the small division and not very good it's true I mean everybody raves about and that that's watched him but DE hasn't played against the got a player's is going to be played at some point pretty cylinder right and oh yeah they label on Monday three days they'd late can't miss prospect just like Andrew Luck No if if he was gotcha but some people think he is and how big it is it's amazing what from somebody nobody even know one point was I didn't know is named for you know about two months ago Nevers the Never salt even though we may be the man and it was Paxton Lynch showman watch him at Memphis wins coach on me you know thought of the fall guy off we just coach on what we know we know Connor Cook is well we we know their strengths and weaknesses wicket a potentially grow upon us with that no idea and so I don't know maybe discuss no more than that that also mature they do but I worry about a kid who just didn't we didn't play gets a weak competition at that position other position you get away with this true sure I mean it's it's happened before statement there was really good yeah before you don't yeah and by the way I mean this that she was taken in the second round break number one overall not so sure that's the philosophy because you're right I mean you got to find that somebody new here but that's why I would want our G three of cheap yeah yeah you can't he can best with man's L now he's had to say Canada killers but any there's other guys too by the way argue threes on the cheap and is not guaranteed now if he's on your roster it the first day of the season then you get a pay his eight hundred thousand dollars whatever the salary is but he's He's he's keeping basically free you've got to look says sued his gut you know if you know like we say you can get out here we'll keep shop in let's get into this.