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Listen: is just the latest act of it be bids Iran has directed at the United States

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Gabriele Maltinti
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But Iran has sponsors missiles one lesson fifteen hundred yards from the US carrier aircraft carrier Harriet Truman in the streets a promotion to other French in another American of war ships were were nearby and the people there said it's highly provocatively US officials but they spoke off the wreckage but here you know people sort of bought down play it well could you have there's more urban upfront them the margin of missiles and violation of security council resolution now the firing of these missiles literally threatening and American and American aircraft carrier so anybody looks from logic this there is that pattern there are explanations but it certainly very complex that missile shot at the Truman that you point out and it's really only way to describe it Malcolm is just the latest act of it be bids Iran has directed at the United States do we know of any similar Axe that they've directed at Russia considering bet they could date say on the surface Russia is are friend Russia is are ally and they claim to have made a but treaty in agreement with United States they haven't hesitating violate that they're afraid of Russia you know the Russians know-how talk often act cut off an and and I think there be rainy and so far concerned at the same time they also have tremendous economic interest right now with Russia they will have as American companies now or beginning to look to go back into the Iran assume is the sanctions a listed are ready some or preparing the contract so they won't be first in line that everyone we get there but they did and they've turned over the years reached the reigning in to Russia they wouldn't give a to the West an they trusted rid Russia would which getting it but it's it's it's for more complex and that but but it's not just by the way he been in this straight to promote loser what they're doing in Yemen's about complications against by crane provocation Sedan Saudi Arabia against the UAE on that like an then around Israel promoting come on taxes by a lot try to get a foothold in the goal monster they would have is real from three sign.