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Listen: "Lucky I think and your Brother your house brother was an associate producer on Star Wars"

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Adam Berry
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Production we can't believe we're talking to you and I imagine that you have the slot all the time which is it was a few days work in the seventies had another few days work in the eighties yet people will always love me what's that like for you well it's it's funny how entertainment the right time I don't know I was actually and play in the fifth room to West and but I was doing the play and filming during the day comes exhausted for about six days but then allowed me to have the time off which is ref I just wins lucky I think and your Brother your house brother was an associate producer on Star Wars love what's yet he was certainly too soon he mentioned that tonight should hold that sounds interesting in Europe second and that in doing another one offer that weekend speech other all the time but that just came out of the Bruce who will get your agent onto it venue Nevin I might be but they all something like that he is the Phoenix on Mars it was good to play there is hope is great laugh about that that before I knew what was happening there was George Lucas saying it's not not a big role but I think you'll enjoy and I look easy outfit not sit as scary game Night and I do it but luckily I'm and response to do it most actually any about seven days but that headsets on a was to play through things Jeremy can be seen in a new documentary that is in theaters an on demand called else three nineteen seventy-six else three nineteen seventy-six and that is a confusing title for people but else three was the studio where the movie was made in nineteen seventy-six right German yeah that's Correct ass and I got the impression from all the people in this is a movie that talks not on June too well you know people who are now well known because of their roles like you would David prowess who was Darth Vader but it also talked ex when fighters in a talks to storm true presented talks to people in the can't Tina and I got the impression that nobody knew had any idea out what they were getting into it was just a job for many of them at the time yeah as a matter you can't use another job you know you I think it or you don't you know sometimes you kind of be lucky because you've gone in bounds things the right way I know walk back with Joes something city with that one of those days in him and I said I did here in your with checking to different people not playing for a lot of people that such a good time I'm with through debates has ever playing some things sometimes not even speaking but he said look out tell that he came from the theater and they handed you but they basically handed you a bucket inside.