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Listen: "49ers and Broncos have agreed on a deal to send quarterback Colin Kaepernick to Denver"

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Patrick Smith
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His non throwing hand base three batters walking one striking out one and it's Opening Night in Kansas City Madson down for a World Series rematch Matt Harvey against Ennis of all players for the Royals first pitch at eight thirty NFL Forty Niners and Broncos have agreed on a deal to send quarterback column Cabernet to Denver look for that to be completed Kap and it must three to restructure his contract as he set to make nearly twelve million dollars next season with the points every twenty minutes sign P Mundo WFAN twenty twenty sport this is not a run if The Rams wins it is maddening yeah I will be on New Year added twelve about it with you on a special edition of the ten show bodies slams and be on join me for the three huge Allen's of hot I'm told beginning at eleven PM exclusively on CBS Sports Radio.