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WWII Vet: This Is What You Think About When You Replace Someone On The Front Lines

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doesn't that occurred if I'm a replacement something that happened the guy I am replacing will the strange the boat is you know if you're a train with those people you have some buddies when the truck you up to the front in the mud and Ray at night you do not know one person that take you up the front and you did in the Fox hole and in the mud and cold and wet and you do not know the one you don't even know your plea to major at that point and is a very desperate last feeling I can imagine and so this is a rifle platoons and you just described some of the conditions that you're dealing with as far as the weather in the terrain so when you went to sleep that person I could use leave was going to your head known not actions sleep UCONN drift off a little that much, get very the restroom through it's a situation it's hard to describe combat is just different how long did it take for you to be indoctrinated into that new life of combat well of few short hours because so is pretty much a routine on the front end anyway the German army seemed to have a fix schedule usually about daylight would artillery brokerage would start and then after that are Tory huge some type of an attack and you could just pretty much such or watch if he had won by what they were going to do and of course your best weapon in your rifle' is an interesting tool because, we spend overtime digging in the grown and of course in the mountains digging interruption for protection from the overture in the small arms fire anything to protect yourself