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Listen: "It's not unexpected news, but it is that it is certainly news as to Peyton Manning finally decides that it will be a career for him"

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Ezra Shaw
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Of the year so for Peyton Hagg about not unexpected news but it is that it is certainly news is to Peyton Manning finally decides it will be a career for him after eighteen seasons in seventy one thousand almost seventy two thousand yards five hundred and ninety three touchdown both the which are records two hundred wins which is also record which he did it Super Bowl fifty besting Brett Farve who has every other quarterback record in the National Football League but I mean it's it I don't think we're unexpected right right now look looking at this season as a press conference that we will air on our network at one P.M. Eastern time until explained everything both dropping a few Papa John references or Budweiser references or maybe nationwide is DIRECTV Erie of those other things it is going on but you know kudos of Peyton Manning now we can debate who he who he is what is legacy is where does he rank amongst all the all-time greats in quarterback convinces for later day at it today is a data does have a retrospect on how great of a player he was from some of those who played with them some of those a played against them and we have a cato June.