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Listen: "President Obama will arrive in Asia a few days before and specifically there's going to be a high-profile visit to Vietnam"

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Mark Wilson
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The forty dollars to do it the replay Ryan's he's been here live until midnight he's seven Hicks I've made a twenty-six in Happ own President Obama will come will arrive in eighty a few days before and specifically there's gonna be a high-profile visit to Vietnam which I still call Murphy at now but anyway he is the third successive president to visit North we had them and you'll recall that was much gnashing OT win Bill Clinton who actively avoided service the Vietnam War was the first American president post Meehan and more to visit the NL then he George W Bush revisited Soviet man now Barack Obama been there I think once before and that he'll be there four for talks about stuff and chunk one thing that's going to come up rather prominently is American via dummies future cooperation in regards to the growing and emerging Chinese Military stationed of the South China Sea and the claims that the Chinese make a pretty much every drop of water in the South.