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Listen: Emulate obviously didn't made it look easy

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Jim McIsaac
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Bikini well that you get a chance to look at every single angle every inch every credits and more importantly the black that is rightfully the beast gold there very soon and it is up there I mean I've never seen anybody like this to play baseball ever and ages so and I think he got a little bit but Nok biggest people foot came easy to emulate obviously didn't made it look easy to a so-so move then body control uneasy power in Iraq did what he's moving he says that it is fun is great Gray sin about Willie Mays I mean that's really the way I would probably classified Ken Griffey Jr. He was my my version of Willie Mays and and some ways probably better end outlets Chambliss dad you think this guy's a little Brown today my God Ken Griffey senior by the way young kids out there is Geico plays well three-time all-star pour the Big Red Machine one of the best teams of all time bunch all the famous 19 years in the Big's that we know is feeling pretty good today pops.