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Listen: "We got some votes from Tom Brady vote for Bob Kraft"

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Jeffrey says the disagrees with Pete the room knees are the best owners simply because they've been more consistent winners for longer is air referring to Petes claim that Bob Kraft should be the highest paid play here slash owners slash will lose they figure figure is a good word for it we got some votes from Tom Brady vote for Bob Kraft if you think about D top quarterbacks in the league we mention a little bit about this last segment Aaron Rodgers the highest paid que be a twenty two mail Russell Wilson is that twenty one nine Big Ben is that twenty one eight Eli is that twenty one even and Philip Rivers rounds out the top five eight five five two one two four two two seven Jack says on Twitter Nick Fabian should be the highest paid he wins championships with a new players every three or four years it's a great point I like it outside the box Mike on Twitter at a lot radio although I despised but a ladders Floyd may whether it's not even close he brings in people all over the world to watch him fight.