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Listen: "The Celtics even their first round series"

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Maddie Meyer
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I'm Georgia Morris for News Radio six ten in ninety-six seven New Hampshire is News traffic and weather stay Shan the Celtics even their first round series with the hearts of a vital for ninety-five four time winning Game four TD Garden yesterday Isaiah Thomas leading the south of twenty-eight point series shifts back to Atlanta fifteen five tomorrow Jackie Bradley junior singled in the go ahead run in the twelfth is the red starts one of the beat the Astros seven to five shots opened with four game a home and home series with the Braves tonight in Atlanta with Purcell on the mound against the Atlanta is Julio Tehran former Patriots defensive lineman run braced at the age of twenty-nine the death is under investigation to fall plays not suspected the Fisher Catcher in a six to five win over reading the area trying tonight seven of five start Carl Edwards Bob teammate Kyle Bush on the final added when the Toyota owners four hundred at Richmond international Speedway pushing me Johnson Casey came Kevin Harvick rounded out the top five warriors overcame another injury Steph Curry and what twenty-one ninety-four rout of the Rockets Cavalier fans Thurs move on to the second round of the NBA Playoffs for five fortnight thirty on Kelly you're listening to New Hampshire today with judging by News Radio six ten now a year in rock spotlight nineteen seventy-seven about the unit seventy seventy when Jim Evans on twenty us it's thing Kelly's on that how do area rock band sticks with us not grant illusion including the Top ten single comes Sale away in July of seven seven the Grateful Dead due to its aggressive not getting strains why are in a ninety-two album terror station the citizens in the King dies of his presence down to his Tennessee age of to Detroit brought the list not releases his second sellout as for life his second collaboration TV.