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Listen: "On the petition it's now a hundred forty one thousand signatures" FACEBOOK INSTANT GAMES

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Taylor Weidman
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Mean maybe it'll be repealed yeah i mean that's possible that when i like to on the the petition it's now a hundred forty one thousand signatures i don't know though you know sometimes i see these stories like this and then no but there's a petitions god you know so and so thousand people what that what exactly does that lead to i mean in you know by lars of that actually affect change shows that a lot of people are interested you know are concerned and i think at a certain point it forces their hand at least we evaluating or looking at it up once again but i don't know how much promise way does that actually have in the whole process i am wondered that also like what what what does that matter if i'm signing on line petitions for when i believe in him and is better than the putting an update on your facebook while that's as i do not approved with actually yeah sounds of maybe not slowed the better ott messaging apps like facebook message or once upon a time anyway is we're all about chatting with your contacts then the box arrived to the party commence that people wanted to chat with them and by things threw them and stuff i'm still not only can it's about that one but now facebook is adding in a bunch of instant games into message or the seventeen games built on the a's tim now five standard meaning they don't need to be downloaded to playing in a load pretty quickly and instantly almost the games are mixture of olds old school classics games like packed and space invaders are gonna lloyd along with new titles from studios like finger and king in i tried to play some of these i've got the little game icon in my face what message or you can you can challenge people who are you're already and chat with and i think that the big kind of appeal here is that the pretty sure games right they usually last route thirty seconds per around it's supposed to be kind of and you know quick response like you're just there you chatting was only like it was play around the blah blah blah you tap of the game button challenge.