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Listen: I might paid money to see Peyton Manning on defense this week

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Well but some fun music what is that Tim Maguire awestruck yeah 23 said Tim ago I did when I hear you point out they're exactly country music the song lyrics actually pretty funny truck as very well he and he doesn't do a lot of writing he does sound but most of these music comes from writers in Nashville writers in the country music industry here performer and have him in a couple years it might be time hated Twitter to this day far most about the Jews day first of about did he end of mine day but wherever you are where heading toward turns Tuesdays or hurdling tortillas day as always are second show of the workweek We do a Twitter Tuesday question this time it 8 move vs Brady with all of that all of these Campbell occasions on the same field again i don't even like he used the vs part make hasn't obviously not Tom Brady on defense when Payton is out there on the field and vice versa although I might paid money to see Peyton Manning on defense this week either way it's these two guys on the field again an I feel like I got a lot of I rolling cousin the coverage of it you're gonna have to deal with it this week these are two of the greatest ever to play their position any NFL an We may never see them again on the same field so I hope that you appreciate it but I know that's not always the case or giving you a chance to be completes completely and utterly honest about it total can dark how do you really feel about this week leading up to another Peyton Manning Tom Brady meeting on the field this one endeavor and as they pointed out there to win two with their teams against each other in the playoffs 10 The last time they met in the post season now is different obviously different but it was Broncos hosting the Patriots in the AFC championship two years ago when it comes it comes down to where they play believe it or not I know that any NFL home-field advantage doesn't always count from much buffer these two teams that matters they try to protect their home field They do a pretty well most of the time so that they already on Twitter BP says how he's referring to the can Newton but that comment bright farms would have made it can Peyton Manning maybe would today think that's Peyton Manning style but maybe he did talk about sticking something where the sun don't shy which is the same body part feel instead enjoy it while you can about meaning an Brady at maybe the last clash of the titans I like that I like that that term for at Class A the titans that's awesome Kirk says I know New England is good and I think Denver will show up to play out Denver shows a play otherwise that would stand Wade Phillips had the Cowboys last most win season thirteen injury so he's focusing on the Wade Phillips.