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Listen: "You've got Maryland, who's got four NBA guys"

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Michael Hickey
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Coming up the next four hours take all night not to look too far ahead but you know I always try to live in the moment Mike Anderson I really do and the moment I'm excited to tomorrow night we're gonna be out of Buffalo while playing so increase score on all of myself might Kelly Alex Farrar you come say I and have some wings and have a cold beverage and watch a little basketball with us we finally get to do it again we finally get to do it again like after the first week of the unsuitable it you kind to spend Monday Tuesday and Wednesday kind of just coming down until we get start again and that would be tomorrow night and we get tomorrow on Friday you get The Forest dagger to games right on top of each other so what better place than Buffalo while the Wings to come watch with all the tv so we've got Miami and Villanova tomorrow night Texas a M in Oklahoma huge games huge because myself and my big brain I have both of those teams in the final four and you're of turmoil when so many people have been on able to correctly Prague just to get what's going to happen I've got to and then at age forty this might be in a game that I've looked forward to most this tournament Kansas and Maryland you've got Kansas number one overall seed top team in the nation consensus top team out of that side of the bracket and then you've got Maryland is good for NBA gets like four or five guys that are NBA players and probably first round picks couple lottery picks and then I do can Oregon Friday they've got I was a particular Scott said Notre Dame guns that his Syracuse spend the late on it and a clock Central Indiana and North Carolina so we're gonna have a lot of fun were gonna do tomorrow night at the Buffalo while wings come out and say hello Ben voids executive producer at game like Sports Alex robbery up Guillen it helped us out today Mike Anderson is I'd from six one till ahead if you wanna get in touch the show besting dude tonight is tweet me falling on Twitter at sea HR ABC HR AB follow us on Twitter at KMOX Sports it is or you'll get Breaking news behind the scenes photos and more skid to it Mike Claiborne.