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Listen: Chuck Pagano a contract extension in the

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Lee actually got but the press A pleasant one at that be Indianapolis Colts and not only have given Chuck Pagano a contract extension in the pockets he said is that this is a package deal could do I hear you write check but not know about a lot of great days in my life but none better than today This is absolutely the best day of my life and I am grateful and thankful Mister say in this family he keeps his shot get they four-year contract extension ands calls at the best Davis life why he becomes Keith tying himself to the general manager despite the reports all season that the two of them worn even speaking that these guys couldn't possibly repair their broken fractured relationship en other words forgot I was hoping that Greg said would be adopted by aliens but it didn't happen now their joining together at the hip so both Pagano ingrained said who came together you remember this year that the Colts parted ways with Peyton Manning they won the start over they wanna start fresh they want a heavy Andrew Luck That kind of interesting debate One of these days will get into whether Not that was the right move by the cold be fun on a solo day in the spring If we find a slow do we ever have slowed in sports not really well one of these days that's a fun debate knowing now what we Could have now and then didn't know then is that the right with the right move either way no angry extend were hired together at both of them were first-time head coaches slash GM is so great then was young an experienced the job was given him my gym Murray say an then the Pagano was hired an that first season of course was the year that he battled Luke EBA when Bruce Arians and his staff worked with Pagano even as the got those away from months an The Colts won from two in 12 2 in four teams are too in 14 to a playoff spot it was an amazing story now here we are four years down the road course had playoff opportunities AFC South titles a spot in the AFC Championship game last year against the Patriots but this year happens an The Colts failed till about to any heavy expectations they did finish 500 And they did it with Josh Freeman an Ryan blindly starting starting slash playing at quarterback on Sunday so you know they finish their bye wondered but considering the be expectations work AFC championship and considering that was the case well I don't ever look at the season as a fairly are necessarily When especially when you have quarterback issues like they did and they started four different and I started three different guys they used five different quarterbacks the shared 5 the most in any team we can all the bag if they manage to finish 500 an alley decided this is the right this is the right idea is to build on a foundation its unique it's beautiful can't we all just get along and well that's a realistic but the fact that these two guys are sticking around when most of the reports coming out and you are no way they can even be in the same room together they can't work together they don't communicate they're not on the same page out wheat I talked about this actually in a CBS Sports Minute last week That put the not so what the hell of a pick every member his own staff brigs in a bit about control freed it sounds like put down not making every member zone staff doesn't have anything over personnel decisions But Griffin gets a three-year extension Pagano gets a four-year extension and those guys were signed together three two thousand nineteen this is all them we are typically on Black one-day speedy wing dad an consternation an pink slips ands depression an starting over An instead the team on Monday that not that's what the Colts with other teams that will that will talk about instead the theme is second chances or in some case third chances but he said to me Jim you know make sure I'm tied at the hip was right you know and I wanna make sure we get to the Mountaintop that Ryan fire their together because we've been through a lot together and we have a special relationship a close relationship i love this I love this.