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Listen: "What is your new year's resolution for your NFL team"

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David Banks
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We are closing in on the end of New Year to know them through don't make it out holiday the official start to free agency but also teams can finally made trait they can agree do everything beforehand died nothing can be finalized until we get be on the four p.m. eastern time start to begin a foul a new year if their new financial year it's one they turn the calendar may set the stage for two thousand sixteen don't ask the wide thin Marge specialist how their books are setting up but it is about the Monday it's always about the money follow the money trail what is your new year's resolution for your NFL team we're getting a lot of tweet I love it at a wall Radio and I also just three tweeted are show pole we've got a few quarterbacks that are available for you our D three Ryan Fitzpatrick Brock Osweiler each of those and varying degrees of starting experience in varying degrees of success who would you spend your money on or would you rather draft we always lead to throw wrangling do our polls so check out our show Paul a lot radio offend me or news resolutions for your team and also don't forget the poster questions for have any anything make any before are newbie Ben you need to put him on her Facebook page so he can find out after hours for maybe Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio and on Facebook we're Inside the O Reilly auto parts studio and taking longer to stop visit the O Reilly auto parts but this spring great deals event to give manageable rallies do what right read Big needed twenty dollar O'Reilly give Carr by Mayo when you're by celebrate best alike pads and a pair of rotors O Reilly on a parts better parts better Price is every day we'll get back to your calls to a five five two.