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Listen: "I don't know it's just strikes me i get what the mayor saying" BOB DOLE

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Taylor Weidman
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Of the helicopter rides costing i barrows right on the buddy and you're right about would president while the cubs it for the and the campaign trips there can not a good acquiring up near for one alone with the cause they have to million dollars if it they get off the ground yeah and hillary clinton she still has exceeded service detail right i mean was so when he comes to new york they still it's just i don't know it's just strikes me i get what the mayor saying it does cause a lot of money protect the present a lacked i'm sympathetic to that i'm text burns city but it's just at the mayor's grandstanding hear from what i could tell so apparently bob toll a former senator bob told the lifted the the great senator from from the kansas he he use a guy that talk to the taiwan president an organize that phone call that you see that it was in the hill that authentic yeah it he said apparently in this is dawns up saying this for you know to roll if setting up this of this talk so the law firm that dollars affiliated where works with that's the type a economic and cultural representative in the united states and so would dole told the wall street journal is said it's fair to say that we may have had some influence in making the call happen good i you know i love time won their democracy i you know i than the time when these are are great people those those it used to be our chinese i wish we had him eight he policy that brace.