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Listen: "You'd like to see the Clippers win"

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Stephen Dunn
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Coming up your shortly Randy's first up at Alabama listing a ninety four five they're going Randy the way I know man go to the start of off Brown about her me more in early morning the map early morning that that it's been a long time twenty or might not ones I was the Belgian Desmond every year now but I appreciate that I think so much this known that light of Thank you you have to jump in more often well this is fawn you has a good time to allow will try shoehorn away in here every so often are definitely doesn't think i was you know you you mentioned to spots are thinking maybe the under Jordan bowl Some Clippers that will be great see them when you'd like to see the Clippers win this is not the other Jordan I think his own on his locked into he gets a lot of crap for not being able to hit a free throw that probably have fill that began yeah that Clippers team man their leg good but there are always cog in that Western Conference where it's hard to get out of Can you believe that CB threes never played in the conference finals is never made the Western finals So that's the hardest thing that is I really thought when de under doing won all three of them that together they have their own victory with up I can get the job done yet and now it's been kind of feels like they don't know what to do with Blake Griffin obviously to get moved to the trade deadline but you don't know they're convinced that he's the guy to go with moving forward so the Clippers are such an interesting dynamic it's they have all this talent and they've.