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Omaha Beach And Onward: WWII Medic Relives A Near-Death Experience

Omaha Beach And Onward: WWII Medic Tom Grasser Relives A Near-Death Experience

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weekend in the Omaha beach Chris we had a waterproof ambulances we put tape and the door so what would and and then in the cab Reagan differential they had the cause of material that was had these wakes or something and that this was to keep the water from getting into the every because he come out and Ellis T in the water right and it that I don't know much about mechanics but we did cover the carburetor in the distributor and oh it's not Any help the new craft in it hit the beach a less Steve the doors wide open and really and point down in the engineers would then there on the left by the time we win over the that they put the great and there is so you come off of with different wheels digging what angle right in you could get infection and how they had to that they're able to beach him and that can get in there and is like a big Bloom will come in and until we got a care for that were in the fields and this approach as their vehicles over there and they said as and check for landmines yet so tune that the first but to get in the truck and he drove cross the feel one ways than the other way and and the course fortunately there's no way and then so with poll all in there and then when the they built to get this and would go that front and an evening why we're headed out and we've got to have Ray and she's and apparently there's a bridge there the vehicles were all backed up to make that back and airplane comes over and drops flairs several where's and of course I said and the pump through dumb kid bumper the and innocent, said my body a say there are a taking pictures of us all of a sudden to Stookey us and they had a whistle on the Taylor screener they called and they come in and make the here in the back year head stand up and any house of the came screen lawyers on the street free and Boy Scout seven it came to those thirty ambulances or bumper to bumper that pulled up to that trap a bomb astray if in continue Straford came around it again and that was when the Germans respected Red Cross was a for that several of us a bit on the first and then the funny thing when to do a quick area next morning guy come sure that the new Jeep then he says I'm increasing goes save mass anyone here serve and of course as April serve mass versus and countenance and that a sort of a tea and figure added made good Garden angel into this state and and women give you wanna get Garden angel for you and that the best no engine but no manner means in and that the best Christian oral but I've got a ages of say my but and who they ever set that, imagine it ninety win use of a jet and very rich then