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Listen: "The biggest moment in the Super Bowl"

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Dustin Bradford
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Why he's afterall words with Lorentz the big moment in the Super Bowl as even now table Logan with a call bear on the Broncos Radio Network him even as the Broncos were celebrating their third OHL title first twenty in seventeen years as Von Miller is making the rounds of all the talk shows both sports and late nights he's been all over the place and he definitely deserves that the tenth ever Super Bowl and DP from the defensive side of the ball for his two would have sacks the two forced fumbles one of which you heard the six tackles Cam Newton was doing his first exits Interview while New while Newton is doing that in Von Miller is doing all it is super Bowl NB P interviews likely going back to that two thousand eleven drive for came was taken first involve was taken second and an interesting parallel between the two of them so we know they can late in the game when the score was still close score sixteen ten at that point a one score game and there were a lot of people that wanted to point out that can hesitated before getting down on the ground to go for that fumble for that loose ball now when the hesitated DeMarcus Ware was already all on the ground trying to cover it up he did then that doing it and they surely at first blush until Cam did go down one knee by that time there is a bit of a scrum in the Broncos recovered which Soon after they ended up scoring this PJ Henderson touchdown it was a moment that it and look strange to me but who knows what's going through Cam's had well you didn't answer any questions about it in the immediate aftermath of the game but he did to answer the question of why not dive on the fumble when he didn't exit interview on Tuesday if the fumble put us to put to assume numerous quarterbacks though interceptions and effort afterwards they don't go on one fumble because the way my laid woes big it could've been could talk to the way 'OK you say much effort I turned down a fumble thus far but at the end of the day Dan wasn't built off of will lose a game because that fumble data lasers hell didn't win the game after you loss that from all in the game was still sixteen ten now or no gain no result ever comes down to one play one fumble one moment one snap one mistake but that's because you have an opportunity to recover and well Kim is right they definitely did not lose the game because of that they didn't have a chance to win after that either it's after hours with a new Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio.