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Clinton Campaign Attacks FBI Director Over Emails

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Joe Raedle
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Don't love it what are the campaign going to drop to that the thing is the trump campaign haven't actually successfully dropped anything on hillary hillary has dropped everything up hurt dropped on it's an update they him in the because the packed emailed but i think they in the hack email the you know she does the tour dolphins thrown fall hillary clinton deciding to go after the fb_i director solo fiercely yesterday that was an interesting decision and it was it was friday was well and by the end of the day by the evening you start rollout used to all the people who are really at the forefront keen hillary which is jump of that europe and then and one they came out guns blazing i put out there that definitely they had a huddle and it could what are we going to do and they pride they're gonna run again the fb_i that's something in combing specifically that you need a you need to personalize the enemy and then treat him and then be i'm about him into the worth a tall olympic him and they decided that the only way to do this is to make can combing be you know another man who abused power in order to stop the first woman president and i think that the deliberate strategies whether to wide you're not i don't know these people are better politics than i am well linwood season speier his after she's president because that they a hell of a move well the other thing is he got a look at it as if he does become president it's sort of you know that they political everything you know they politte aside p_i era you know they've politte a five even the white house trouble off the table and so we get to make sure the fb_i no you don't match with the moment warehouse heinsohn look like in a place out how about that for a move early on in your presence thought it presidency fired the fb_i director holy cow think that paranoid and again paranoia when you talk he is the charitable interpretation that he should sure everybody out to get hurt.