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Listen: I would be looking at Mariota as alright what is the best

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Good morning then you wanna have a great what's up I know what he is Wade then somebody's buying it have the first clue the leader of the team already who's already bought it is basically take over an make the ride the hot hand right big behind the he died in the leader of negative Marcus Mariota is already bought agent Kelly is a big believer in Jim Kelly and get a lot of things sensitive Kelly also along with how they had lost another area and then that having an go that team would be is it yeah we you know they have a team I would they don't have anybody with over a gauge their hand on the bottom I had you know maybe just looking to gain a drought ABV about by fans and a young team still wouldn't be honored began although that the idling the engine their quarterback Aaron Hill my hand and then you have a bunch of guys you no no deal in early looking imprisoned out they got a good receiver they got young often but one that could use some improvement gave the good times are good figure phone is killing me I'm sorry was making my ears bleed I don't know the Marcus Mariota things we had Jew bowling Eugene telling me how Marcus Mariota could potentially despise Jim Kelly So I know how much of that is true I do think though they would welcome a familiar face this next phase of his career if he had success with him in the past I don't know how that could be a bad thing but some else you gotta remember about should Kelly is his defense is in Philadelphia have for the most part stomach I mean it had a couple of games here or there were They've looked okay but there like a last in the league in a lot of categories on be fans flooded Hollis say they were they were playing cover the three men what is that never heard of a and then they also had a ton of injuries and Spencer though I'm but listen decimated their so interesting that decided to let Emmanuel go after Thanksgiving but then you make some some valid point you got a young team that hasn't gone anywhere there in Tennessee their own tutor their third coach an what the last three years or four years at least Woodson out there to choose to not be punished to so the last three years a different head coach and you got a young team an made that hasn't enjoyed any kind of accomplishments and so you bring in a guy like should Kelly who knows the quarterback quarterback knows him so he knows exactly what he wants from him and that's the first thing make the quarterback happy when you bring in these new coaches who these good exit down what they sit down with a quarterback and and then you living The veteran quarterback though asking we see the number Tundra Jay Cutler day we want to go and me with a couple of Canada's we think we may put this would bring in as the new head coach so these to know each other we all know who believes who've oh not ease their close to the situation but I I would think Tennessee might reach out to upset Durant signal caller their rookie quarterback and Joel all his success under the tutelage of chip Cal an to me it's more Vanek says a nose thing than anything else and Marcus Mariota because he seems very Mallory a bowl when it comes to dealing with whatever that head coaches Cody Stanley doesn't seem like a guy that's gonna put up a big fire danger He's got a big ego or the chapter stroke and he's someone that runs hot and cold all the time Emmy seems like a guy the once a play football is gonna go out they're gonna say the right things and do the right things I would be looking at Mariota as alright what is the best eight offensive leave from eight system standpoint more than alright We have to now interview with this quarterback to make sure that these guys personalities are going to mash Greg a Harrisburg Pennsylvania CBS sports radio.