Hugh Hewitt On Obamacare

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Rivals Facebook snapshot in Instagram, I California movie producers been charged with siphoning millions of dollars from investors to find his lifestyle as part of a twenty six million dollar fraud, David burst and produce a two thousand four romantic comedy laws of attraction with Pierce Brosnan Gillian more and that's you're money now, two season this year but they somebody answers unique now more than ever, partially Washington kind of a new are see ability warranted conservative and intelligent, sixteen, the answer, , news is our from tell the, I do in Washington, anti Trump protesters across the country taking to the streets to condemn the election of Donald Trump mostly Hillary clips borders refusing to accept the results of this week selection I, but mine president they can it in Seattle protestor Taylor Alexandria spoke for many here, really create the revolution that we know is possible and , this here in solid there to for all the people that are most on a tie night is having into our, some of the anti Trump, demonstrators could be heard in cities around the country, even then, hometown of New York city outside of, login these once can't last night in Los Angeles, going to shooters me the club hennion of a Smith the reins in straight made of the Los Angeles Times building an news Vance with anti Trump profanity the city new service reports of, thirteen people work, Arrested, shared some major European stock markets open strongly today continuing their positive performance on stubble Trump's victory the initial shock on the financial markets when it became apparent Donald Trump would take the presidency proved to be very short lift. In Tokyo steep falls on Wednesday with followed by a very strong recovery on Thursday, the new us administrator can is expected to cut cool protects is built new infrastructure and potentially relax rules covering sec to such is banking, and I say investors welcome not prospect and have been reassured by missed a Trump's consider Trey acceptance speech, however much will depend on what the president select says and just you're in the next few weeks because of abc's Theo like it reported present Obama meets to the White House today with president the lack Trucker, repair Trump for the transition to power White House says at the same time for slated Michelle Obama will be meeting with Maloney a Trump Obama's meeting with Trump in the oval office, and this is Obama meets with the stroppy in the White House residents more how home dot com, hey they're this is Eric Wood taxes, legally I mean telling you about Liberty University's timeline degree programs Liberty University's world's largest University with over ninety five thousand students studying around the world, through liberties I'm line programs, well there a lot of University to jump into online education you can deliver on the promise of a quality education with such flexibility, even you were can actually point to a graduate of their I'm lying program like my friend Morgan from National I did speak actually got my degree from Liberty University to degrees actually not only have this process talk myself discipline. Also learned is never too late to fulfill your dreams a hand I didn't allow mine, I did it and you can to call Liberty University now eight hundred four two four nine five nine five that's eight hundred four two four nine five nine five eight hundred four two four nine five nine five four visit Liberty dot _D_B use slash online flexible portable possible Liberty University jeers for news answer from, twelve sixty, the answer it's clear in forty-five degrees at seven oh three good morning I'm Scott Brady police a Prince George is county are looking for a man who impersonate in an officer then assaulted in Rob demand, we say the suspects flash blue and red lights from his vehicle Tuesday morning in the eight thousand block of temple Hills road in after polling over a vehicle, people the victim out of his car assaulted in and took is while it, I said I suspect work Blue Jacket with patches on each sweep Luke Hanson us over chain attached to it look like a badge, a man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire inside a home in can during his dive after he too was burned in the plays Prince George aspire Department spokesman Mark Brady six sixty four year old Lewis for the Dallas the woman with a flammable like women set her on fire during an argument inside the Harrington drive home on Tuesday morning she remains hospitalized in critical condition with third-degree Burns for the worst. Facing charges of our sent an attempted murder, and elderly drivers being Charged after police say she went red light leading to a deadly crashing McLain, Fairfax county police say that on October eighteenth eighty one-year-old married Burns of Potomac false ran a red line along least for Pike near toasted road she struck a motorcycle into either vehicles the Motor cyclist fifty-five role Joseph ten pain of Springfield was killed now, check on the road to seventy South back crash not one and I'm tired Stan has the road completely blocks traffic speed diverted three fifty-five are up at eighty five is where those to waste began inbound fifty before can a worth Avenue accident activities on both shoulders of Champ effort for ten two ninety five southbound attending road accents reported their watch for delays sit when Parkway inbound before, first running Avenue the accent walking right lane, jammed up from Branch Avenue, on the Indian had highway North found north of swan Creek Road watch for a crash there to lace beginning old for road, this report sticky is watching you buy Northern Virginia Community College with convenient locations and flexible schedules that fit your life spring Class A Star January ninth in roll today and be SCC dot, you local news every thirty minutes all day long I'm Scott Brady on A.M. twelve sixteen the answer now, you're exclusive given the forecast and A.M. twelve sixteen, and the answer or looking at a pretty nice day for today under mostly sunny sky-high of sixty two it's about a clear sky will Trump down to forty six for an overnight low throw they for tomorrow breezy a Sunshine makes it was some clowns will be again I'm a mild signed a high to sixty five. And Saturday will be noticeably coolers a kick off the weekend with plenty of sunshine I Saturday only fifty four, but the Accu Weather forecast oh meteorologist Brian Thompson this isn't Michael met them here with Mike Staal from health markets in helping folks find the right medicare coverage they news reports say that the rates might be going down the government project Okafor medicare plans for decrease this year so you have to ask argue getting the best right help Marcus offers a three service, to help folks maximize their medicare benefit and save on the enrollment periods for medicare it already started what is it people need to keep in my then roll man in the right plan is not automatic with somebody medicare options the can be confusing my advice don't go all get unbiased help to find a planet make off the last and cover more with or cope, Paiement were choices like tend to a vision in the freedom to choose your doctors with me and Roman deadline only weeks away it's important to act now our help market medicare services free thanks Mike this is Michael lead that's her health markets for your free medicare assistants call eight hundred three five one twenty fifty four that's eight hundred three five one twenty fifty four, eight hundred three five one twenty fifty four connect with us online at A.M. twelve sixty eighty after dot com, more indoor America chill you're in broadcasting from California today. On bye, for the next seventy Sunday, I will take a week job I always take that that you misses you'd away after, election, because I've been on the road a lot not a lot, yeah do a lot of, fires off and smile here hitters a week in there That's in December will be on the night I care a lot about the transition, and I yup you put trying to figure out what happened look, will but we'll be talking about that but that's analysts way sure on your ankle what happen if Dontrelle got more votes, and he got the White working clash, who were screwed by Obama care and afraid of Hillary Clinton but tired of the Clintons that's that if not bad art, they have to go by like you're playing into cannot paid for it medical care the cannot huge because the deductible who too high, and they know that she was just completely compromised on a thousand different way, so they reject their and Donald Trump for many of them presented and it complete middle finger to the ruling clash, he also represented people like me the Supreme Court and I'm still jubilant I've been talking with people ninety nine appointments plus the Supreme Court, hundred judges in a hundred days my hat is off by the way to majority leader McConnell he held on no hearings no vote hashtag no hearings know about yes I and then and the hashtag him better the policy he carried it through him posted before anyone containing he disappointed. About, that he have a clue, about, what a yeah, and I know ideas, and what you got to put under nine ninety are not a nine ninety what's at twelve sixty, the standard federal, format you got a thought that you have a clue about the comfort the benches role but he could be named five agencies not is out, because you know I get from D.C. from Lafayette plaza, over to main just just you know what main justice is, yeah thinks rolls along there's so much more complex an obscure in D.C. that if you know what you're doing man you're going to be in the Hall, and then finally and I want to warn you about this the most loyal people, are the one who will bring in the most pain, Charles Cole some wrote about there's Bob all the men, if they're loyal excessively and they will not tell you to sit down and be quiet for a moment and let me tell you why you cannot do what you want to do or let me bring in the bad news, or let me tell you why we can't get that done and would you please three consider your opinion of this individual, loyalty is great, the line loyalty it that way, while the is great blind loyalty badly, stay tuned America coming back or Trucker on the new your job, portions of, show brought to you by Sierra Pacific mortgage for more info called triple eight triple eight eleven seventy. questions, we are the answer washing A.M. twelve sixty, as a more in the world, this is happening, you'll hear it here first, but only if you're here, when he was he would continue, , from it this scenarios familiar become numb to fine You're golf did sitting on the couch watching to that they're going to be great from some fine institution of hire and learning and you swatted to get them through that the jobs are simply incredibly hard to fine You're yoni or to tell you how to get that get a job with it you're contract you need to speak to the people at the are also pre Ertz op dot com are sup dot com one, yup you open the bitten if you've always dreamed of moaning and I around kid to run first subject answer honor roll over stock ownership plant it up thousands of people use their retirement mind invest in businesses for themselves in their family you know it takes a couple of weeks to finance admits totally illegal meant three for five years later the retirement fines go back and you have a corporation carrying on by itself make injury, becoming entrepreneur are reality get your ten a job that you're couch back call eight six six Minor stop at eight six six m why _E_R answer oh P eight six six Minor stop investing yourself and in your kids, eight six six Meyer stop eight six six an y eso A.P. eight six six Minor shot did you know that is early is forty years old your body produces up to fifty percent last night. 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Watch for an accident on Indian him highway, the two ten northbound north of swan Creek Road those laced you know Ford wrote it's also jammed up nouni out of the the valley from ninety five counts market over the Georgia Avenue Baltimore Washington Parkway GMT on Southbound after route one ninety eight to powder Miller road Accu Weather forecast mostly sunny today and I sixty two clear tonight forty six partly sunny breezing tomorrow high sixty-five, clearing forty-five in Washington this report brought to you by Penn fade Credit Union, and fed dot org discover Penn fed from the union's great rates on outta loans credit cards and more I hadn't fed dot org federally ensured y en su una and Scott Brady with traffic and weather on A.M. twelve sixty the answer to Hewitt is on A.M. twelve sixteen, the answer, welcome back, that you're you're right that Newton instructor is in those David and Trucker of the washed examine or you can follow him on Twitter at David am director in the always start for early, complex their director ARI my friend, are either you do any of your reaction, well I mean when you and I spoken of depth so Trump's, August twelfth year, we could he still when it to the it's the wind and you know you have two point candidate, two candidates include like to, and if people thought very you know, and so you can never say for sure the for the only one of them could win. And you know at the end of the day Clinton's flaws ended up Wayne more heavy on the floaters, than Trump's flaws, and you know he was able to upend, you presidential math that we have sort of live with since the two thousand election, , he was not able to perform well enough, with this sort of new emerging Democratic coalition, all that her Walker, with all the, credit coalition, I don't look like to make too many pronounced with about exactly what happened until like, he finally did bid, if I'm voter filed them what exactly half the which to work, but that's some of the preliminary you know answer that we haven't, and look that you know the final thing is off of all, obviously, I mean if you off, there to be, well the with you leaks, and he Obama care, soften the call me worth you know, other than the calmly letter which which good despite all the way down and then it appeared to stabilize will not that you know ever enough early appeared to be, , Campbell it, and the same way to the Trump one, I weeks ago, if you know it could have been death by a thousand cut, the post one big moment I do think the Conley had an effect, and one Republican polls for that I talked yesterday who actually got so these races right, they're the only did not a racial letter on Sunday actually with Trump's advantage the Sunday before the what's your but the the whole thing backup. Yeah yeah well and and and and and it probably you know you is, it motivated trump Berry's more because it appeared to them that they worth the system was integrate began on her Facebook, even more than the fact that at all the thought with this the negatives other all the thing, we will learn more overcome one of the things I've learned you, is we always think leno an election and that if the last forever as we learned from going through two thousand four two thousand six, in two thousand eight, two thousand ten and two thousand twelve, two thousand fourteen, we all you know what's going on it takes a little time and things the last forever from trying to analyze that all going to I know you know I gotta tell you I think there is a book to be written, from Tuesday night camino your racial and what happens because Donald Trump is first the first genuine outsider role right was an outsider but he knew government any been around politics for a long time made runs Golden State, and President Obama been in town for a couple of didn't know much in it became painfully clear he didn't know much but nevertheless this guy is not of Washington if nothing to do it politics, and and a transition to complicated, it's three thousand point these it's it's the opposition at the agenda it's all this different stuff, my biggest fear, my biggest fear is you don't well the guy and I just tweeted out loyalty is great blind loyalty is deadly. It's it's hall the minutes call send minutes them Oliver North and it's it's blind loyalty is riddle of Allen in corset Buford and all the scandals of the past, you think Trump understand you can not have blindly loyal people around, so I I don't want to you know what I mean Trump parody in that I know that he was if you know we're going to do could clearly I I don't know any of thing, the Trump the we've seen so far as function a lot on one on well on the oil Pete let's just put it that way, you know if valued loyalty but he's also have a very, airy in so over, circle of of people, and and mainly his children, and expanded a little bit of killing income worry a huge fan and, obviously the operation have to build out a little bit, but when you look at, has been around him from the start, and even core little doubt you can was you know, was fired never what the that's from the fourth, and so, you won't we'll see if he changes the manner in which he does things, You're right about the the complications of getting the transition right what it means we're going to double enough of money, you know I get that, , I think this room Worsley wealthy the politician you see in a can thing is the president the governor, yeah I I hope so but blind loyalty is dangerous and if so dangerous in Washington killed in the nation. If they bring in people are, Mr. come first laugh than all what it will killed, right back American theory Archer, he was you know we're brought to you by the travel store, you're in the middle of an on job, action tied in to remain can live, the two fewer, is coming right that, it's my Eric you're you're when you're looking for care for a loved one in order main independent and living at home visiting Angels is ready to serve visiting and don't franchise provide the compassionate professional caregivers needed to deliver the best home care available and you Michel lecture carryover before service began, services include baiting dressing Aaron's light housekeeping me up preparation and more up to twenty-four hours every that, with over five hundred franchise opposite nationwide visiting Angels is America choice and senior home care, employment Opportunities and care giving for visiting Angels are also available you'll receive the support needed to fulfill your goal of achieving it caring career franchise opportunities are also available call today at eight seven seven three seven four Lynn or online at visiting Angels dot com that's eight seven seven three seven four lead, each office independently, and operated eight seven seven three seven four lay have or online admitting Angels dot com how this is a huge huge, , they can be some of the most interesting people lawyers politicians judges and offers and every weekend done Champions of Justice Tom Girardi talks with them about the legal issues that affect your life and satisfy your curiosity Tom ass the questions and you get to hear the surprising answers it's illegal show that's interesting. Est tune in Champions of Justice Saturday afternoon into an Sunday afternoon at four here on A.M. twelve sixty the answer, , , , stimulating and intelligent talk, am a call sixty the Hatcher, , , in but New in Washington, but testers cross-country of been taking to the streets to condemn the election a Donald Trump mostly Hillary point supporters was a they're on willing to accept the results of this week selection last night in Los Angeles some demonstrators be the Trump opinion on the other spray pay to the Los Angeles Times building in news fans with anti Trump profanity, the brother the like Donald Trump and as senior team of already begun the task of picking acab didn't happen again, hundreds of a for these to senior roles in key departments, today President Obama welcomes his success for the White House the oval office meeting symbolically begins a transfers for power that, have fun Trump assuming the office on January twentieth, please in western Pennsylvania today looking for come in who shot awarded to police officers happened earlier this morning, in that Kennedy's Burke about twenty miles Southwest the Pittsburgh and this is Sri news, here's the news answer something and twelve sixty, theater forty-five degrees and clear and seven oh I seven thirty one good morning I'm Scott Brady police in Prince George is county are looking for him and when person made an officer then assaulted in Rob demand, police said a suspect flash when read lights from his vehicle Tuesday morning in the eight thousand block of temple those road in after pulling over a vehicle people the victim out of his car assaulted him and took is while it he said a suspect weren't Blue Jacket with catches on each leave loop handsome silver chain attached to it look like a badge a man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire inside a home encountering is died after he too was burned in the. Plays, PRINCE GEORGE aspire Department spokesman Marte Brady says sixty four year old Lewis for de douse the woman with a flammable like what insider on fire during an argument inside the Harrington drive home on Tuesday morning she remains hospitalized in critical condition with third-degree Burns but he was facing charges of arson Attempted murder and elderly drivers being Charged after police say she ran the red light leading to a deadly crash and Mike, plane, Fairfax County Police able to over eighteen eighty one-year-old marry Burns of Potomac false ran the red light along these for Pike their toll stint road and struck a motorcycle into either vehicles, motorcycle is fifty-five will show serve temp any of Springfield was killed now, check on the road, to seventy southbound the accent now one I mean heights now he's been moved off to the shoulder GM depth there for my seventy watcher delays their three ninety five northbound, still have a some accident activity blocking the left wing and Duke St, at least there begin at the Bell way, clear the crash fifty inbound that kind of worth Avenue still somebody in the from for ten so when Park we inbound after So over the road to extend road that's jammed up watch for an accident now on the Fairfax county Parkway, the Brandt from South on ninety five southbound Fairfax tonight part ways blocked, it's watch for direction their jammed up out of the the valley from ninety five over to Georgia Avenue this report is brought to you by Northern Virginia Community College with him being at locations and flexible said flexible schedules could fix your life spring Class A Star January ninth in roll today and see Carr envy SCC dot.